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  1. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    That's great. Just tried it now worked like a charm. I didn't discover any faults which is good since my car is second hand and I'm not sure how is cared for her.
  2. Have you got a name for you car?

    I've always named my cars James and I usually call them Jimmy. My first one (Renault 19) was James, my second one (A Fiesta was Junior) and my current car is Jimmy the third :D
  3. Fuel Economy

    Hi Chris! I own a Focus with the same motor and so far the economy is slightly disappointing. I mean I'm a little bit heavy footed and on the back roads I get even less than 30 mpg (around 28) but when I go on a longer journey and keep my foot away from he floor the consumption goes to about 38 mpg. The throttle response is fantastic though isn't it. ;)
  4. Car Park Scrapes

    I've had the same problem to days ago. I stopped at my local Tesco for some groceries and when I came back there was a nasty scratch on the right of the bumper covered in white paint. And I bought my car two weeks ago with a perfect paint job. I was in the store for no more than 15 minutes the space on my right side was empty and someone still managed to park for 10 minutes and scratch my dear bumper. :(
  5. Hi! Newbie Here

    Hi guys! My name is Matt! I've just bought a second hand second generation Focus and decided to join and say Hi! I have a couple of questions to ask around so be kind to me! Thanks