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  1. I have the same Avon tyres on my focus. Plenty of grip in both wet & dry. I recently used http://www.tyre-shopper.co.uk to buy some tyres for daughter's car, saved around £50 and transaction was simple. Great looking car BTW
  2. I want one....... :P
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, new badge 1st then overlays.
  4. Does anyone know how this has happened to my boot badge? Im pressuming a gel overlay wont cover all the crackling on the surround, it cant be felt by running a finger over it, it just looks awful. Any ideas?
  5. I like it Ash, especially the little chrome strips on the fog light fins,
  6. Tell me about it, its all new Evoque's and Range Rovers around here, but they cant keep up in the bends with my focus :D
  7. East Cheshire Here, very near the posh people (where all the footballers live) though I'm not one of them :(