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  1. Fiesta Metal

    The Fiesta Metal
  2. IMG 1490

    From the album Fiesta Metal

    Loving this car
  3. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    It's a great looking car and well done you for getting out of a KA .
  4. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Hi , welcome. Nice to chat to you anytime ..:-)
  5. Hey thanks for the add. :)

  6. Fiestametal

    Will need to losen up a bit but 4000 rpm seems to be the sweet point . Handles fantastic , so much better thN the zetec s
  7. Fiestametal

    Hello all, just got my Fiesta metal in White. Oh what a car !!!
  8. New Model Year 2012

    According to ford the metal has a new body kit ??
  9. 2012 Spec Fiesta

    I have ordered White metal but still don't know the real difference from my zetec s ? I'd the body different in any way ?
  10. Metal Man

    What a car
  11. Metal Mania

    Ford Fiesta Metal