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  1. Spare Wheel To Fit Fiesta?

    Hi, I have a 61 Fiesta Zetec with 15"x6" 195/50 tyres. My car came with a tyre inflation kit, which I have now used and wish to replace with a spare tyre instead. Having gone back to the dealer, they advised I'd need a space saver as a full sized tyre will not fit in the tyre well without the boot carpet sitting too high/uneven. They therefore sold me a steel spare, a jack and wrench. I then went to Kwik Fit to buy a tyre, and they advised that the spare wheel Ford have sold me is a 14" and that I'd need a 15". However I can't see a 15" spare as an option in the Fiesta brochure. Can anyone advise what I actually need and what the boot will accommodate? Do I need to return my 14" wheel to Ford, or can I get a tyre to fit? It seems odd (to me) that the spare would be a 14" if the car is fitted with 15" wheels. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Detailing A New Car

    Hi, My new Fiesta in Frozen White should be delivered at some point next month. Having passed up on adding diamondbrite to my order, I'm now looking at treating the paintwork myself to get the car looking it's best and help protect the paintwork. I've read the detailing guide, but was wondering what stages/products would be recommended to use on a new car? Thanks in advance.