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  1. Cheers, I'm not the keen anymore!!!
  2. Wow, I don't like this poll, I had to vote for the FOURTH option!! Can you change the first option to 17-32 so I don't feel quite so old please!!!
  3. Hi, I'm half tempted to get Lexus lights fitted on the car, but before I even begin looking does anyone know if it would class as a 'modification' when it comes to insuring the motor, and if so is it likely to affect the premium? thanks in advance.
  4. yeah, can do that on the bottom half of the display - just hoped the top half would have more than temp and track no!
  5. Yep, looks like it. I can change it so it only has the temp and not the track number - very surprised it doesn't display the clock. And even more surprised it doesn't have auto locking doors, that's surely a simple safety setting.
  6. Quite poor? rear visability wasn't even that good on the Rover 75!!! The boot curved in so you couldn't see it full stop!!
  7. Cheers Pat, i'll have another look - been through them options and didn't notice anything. I am generally useless mind!
  8. Hi all, How the heck do I change the display? It currently shows track no/Aux/Radio station on the top half and ODO/trip computer on bottom. I can change the bottom half no bother but cannot for the life of me work out how to change the top half, I want it to display the time. The handbook shows this should be possible, what am I doing wrong!!! Oh, can the doors be set to auto lock when the vehicle is moving? Thank you, no doubt will have more questions later! Cheers Spoff
  9. Only thing from that list my Fiesta doesn't have is cruise control, would have loved that but as it is a second hand car I couldn't be fussy! I can't believe the car has reverse parkign sensors though, it's the size of a shoe! They came as standard when I had a Rover 75 and they were useful on a saloon like that. But a Fiesta!!! Wing mirrors are a nice touch, the heated front windscreen will be superb in the winter as it doesn't live in a garage.
  10. Afternoon all, recently got myself a 2008 Ford Fiesta 1.4 CDTI Style. Previous car was a petrol Citroen Picasso the reason to change was to save money! Very happy with what I have ended up with, although I have ordered a leather gaitor as the one on it is pretty damn ugly. Will no doubt be back asking how the hell I fit the thing!!!