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  1. Alarming Vibrations

    For anyone who may be interested, it turned out to be an intermittent binding front right brake caliper. No more vibrations
  2. Alarming Vibrations

    Tried rocking the wheels and there was no play whatsoever. One thing I did observe on my drive home is that around about 2,500rpm the sound from under the bonnet was almost as if I was driving over cats eyes. Once I dropped to under 2,000rpm, the sound and vibrations disappeared. How can I check for buckled alloys? They appear absolutely fine on both the outer and inner rims.
  3. Alarming Vibrations

    Don't believe it would be bent wheels or knackered tyres. The tyres are brand new and surely any bent wheels would have been picked up when balancing. Also, would this not cause vibration all the time rather than just at certain speeds? Will still double check though and will check for any play in the wheels. Thanks for your help, Kev
  4. Alarming Vibrations

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and am looking for some advice. I have a 2000 X-reg 1.8 Zetec with around 120k on the clock. Over the past trips to work, I've noticed severe vibrations coming back through the steering wheel when I get to between 60-70mph. As I thought this was a balancing issue, I've had both front tyres replaced (as they were worn) and re-balanced yet this problem seems to persist. When I reduce speed down to below 60, the vibrations go away. Is there anything obvious that I can check? Thanks in advance, Kev