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  1. S-Max Titanium X at GlenCoe

    © photographer bailey

  2. Engine Malfunction Help Please :(

    do you mix diesel sources ? sometimes (normally in v cold weather) differently sourced they react and clog the fuel filter, get a little warmer (after you are forced to stop?) they then work ok. That said the common rail 1.9 VW engine is not that sensitive.
  3. 1L Ecoboost Possible Problem :s

    Injectors. get to the dealer again and get the concern noted - they may have the correct technical answer or a Tech Service Bulletin on the topic. The most senior Ford guy in the UK & Europe is Steve Odell his email is: - let him know if you don't get a fix
  4. Bike Carrier / Tow Bar For S-Max

    as regards cutting the bumper - this is a cosmetic cover and has no structural purpose at all - the Ford twobars required the bumper to be cut (not a visual location). remember the Titanium X is a no go at all for towbars because of the rear bumper. OF course having a towbar and necessary electrics fitted and the software update is around £400 minimum
  5. exactly the same problem with same spec engine, 6 months old C-Max. and the recommendation from Ford Tec colleagues was to stay with one brand of fuel when the temp is around zero. The car was put into a Ford Dealer (Essex Ford) and the words of wisdom I was given 'we have had a lot of them' ah well. The main concern was the way it failed - I was only able to drive at the limit of fuel supply, max 15mph, not to bad but this was the M25. It can be cured by sitting and running the engine and if you are lucky the heat will lift the temp to allow the fuel to run - took half hour for my car.
  6. BBC News - Cycling industry gives economy £3bn boost

  7. riot burn and loot and the press and gov take an interest - should unemployed, pensioners and student do the same to get action?

  8. Broken Britan ? pensions employment education and the future, but riot & burn and the government pay attention to you. we must shout louder

  9. Check this video out -- St Audries Sunsets West Somerset via @youtube

  10. BBC News - UK manufacturing output falls and trade deficit widens

  11. the reason there were no police in Hackney & Enfield ? they were guarding the Stratford Olympic site. Officals have gone to ground on this

  12. Ford Staff Pension fund has a massive £507m surplus, what transfered to Visteon? a deficit!

  13. smax official trouble topic

    Just had the alarm module replaced and it restored the wipers to working! and the auto on headlight function. The plonker that designed this electrical system needs a very firm kick up the rear... crazy. Better for the radio to be taken out when the alarm battery fails - at least you can drive legaly without a radio! cost - £145 Essex Ford rayleigh (parts & labour)