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  1. Bluetooth Problem

    Hm, how do I figure out if it has voice?
  2. Bluetooth Problem

    When I go through the menu I see no reference to bluetooth. Seems ridiculous that they'd put the buttons there though? :( All the bluetooth related stuff is in the manual and it doesn't even mention the possibility of not having it.
  3. Bluetooth Problem

    Hi guys (first post, hello!), I have a 2008 (the 2008 - 2011 model) Focus Zetec, just got it today. Trying to get my iPhone to work with the bluetooth but I'm getting nowhere. Firstly if I turn bluetooth on in my iphone and search I don't see "Ford Audio" or anything remotely like that. If I click the green phone icon button and then menu, nothing happens. If I have the phone buttons on the radio surely I have the bluetooth, right? I've googled around a bit and read a few things but not sure about reliability. Saw somewhere that the bluetooth can lock up and it needs reset or something? Anyone shed any light? Or do I just not have bluetooth? :( The radio is a CD6000 btw.