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  1. Happy Birthday Ice_tea!

  2. Your Fiesta

    My little beauty :)~
  3. Hey, I have few questions about my lovely mk7 :) 1. Does anyone know what is ET for this fiesta wheels? What size wheels do you usually have? 16'' or 17''? I am wondering what size would be best for me in summer.. 17'' maybe too big? 2. How to change audio system in the doors? I mean how to open the plastic covering. Haven't found any info in the net :( I want a better sound in my car. Sorry for not that good english.. and maybe too girlish questions :) Thnx for any info.
  4. Timing Belt Broken

    1.4 TDCi the belt snaped itself :(
  5. Timing Belt Broken

    Hey, yesterday the timing belt was broken in my fiesta. :( It ran out only ~10 000 km. Now she is waiting in the car servise for the "healing" tomorrow :( Any ideas why it happened so early?