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  1. The motor factors replaced the new coil with another, I've also changed the ht leads and so far (a day later) all seems ok again. Fingers crossed the 2nd coil lasts longer than the first, I should know by lunchtime :)
  2. Just when I thought it was fixed!!! Driving home about half an hour ago, all was well until the car car started to shudder and lose power. The new coil solved the problem for about a day and a half! I guess I'm stuck with having to take it in for a diagnostic, quite strange. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  3. Fixed... The local Ford Dealer wanted 90pounds plus vat to run a diagnostic which sounded a little high for 45 minutes hooked up to their gizmo! After a little ringing around it seemed likely that the ignition coil may possibly be the problem. Ford wanted 94 plus vat for this but was just 23 pounds from a motor factors. Ten minutes in my lunch break swapping them over and hey presto, good as new My new question.....will the warning indicator eventually switch off on it's own or do I have go get it reset? Ta.
  4. Ok, will do. I'll try and get it booked in somewhere tomorrow.
  5. I have a 2004 Ford Focus 1.6 that I use most days to get me to and from work. It's very much a work horse. Last Friday while driving into the office I noticed that a warning light came on (amber coloured ring with exclamation mark). Apart from the light being illuminated all seemed well - temperature ok etc and the engine felt normal. It went out before I completed my journey. That same day when driving home it illuminated again through my 20 mile of mostly motorway drive home. I didn't use the car most of the weekend but then popped out last night for a short run to the shops and noticed that another light was on, this time the amber coloured picture of an engine. As I drove home the engine started to lose power and sound quite rough. I went to the car this morning to take a better look and noticed the coolant level was low but hadn't previously noticed that the engine temperature gauge was above normal. So, topped the coolant up but now the light is continuously on (engine pic in amber) and it feels rough after warming up. I'm a big fan of forums of this type but have never needed to join a Focus related one before, generally the car has been reliable. Any suggestions welcome? Cheers.