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  1. it is all just a money making scheme
  2. i average 55mpg in my 1.6 tdci fiesta titanium, round town, upto 60+on long motorway journeys
  3. a good trick is to know someone at a garage, and aslong as it isnt massively over the speed limit, get them to write a receipt for a cruise control calibration, and then send that off. it should let you off.
  4. i hate people dropping food in my car especially if i just cleaned it grrrrrrr
  5. why dont you make yourself a straight through exhaust system, just put a diamond joint so you can add the cat back in for you MOT otherwise it will fail
  6. hi all, i just bought myself a 2009 fiesta titanium 1.6tdci its a great car
  7. i hate putting my car through MOT every year, but there is so many bangers on the road, it just gives them more excuses to drive bags of s**t around
  8. alot of ignorant people, i lose it and just ignore everyone else
  9. i prefer older song, 'summer of 69' bryan adams
  10. i hate christian drivers, they dont have to let every sod out of junctions.
  11. ATS offer it for 10 quid.
  12. fail any day, lol
  13. i had this problem couple of years ago with my astra sport hatch, sold it cuz i couldnt figure it out
  14. nope sorry