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  1. 1763 Consul

    I've tried there, the guy (David) was really useful in terms of information but couldn't come up with the goods. He said both the filters became obsolete 3 or 4 years ago and they hadn't got any left or anything they can cross reference with them either. He reckoned the best people would be Ford Specialists that stock new old stock. if you get what I mean! I appreciate the suggestion tho.
  2. 1763 Consul

    hi all. I'm new to the forum. Bit cheeky as I don't own as Ford as such. I'm a big classic mini fan - none of the new German rubbish tho. I do however own a Classic Fenn and Wood Meteor Sportsman. A bit long winded I know. Basically its a speed boat built in the late 50's. The engine in it is a Ford Consul/Zephyr 1763cc in line four. I have been trying to find an oil filter for the engine, I've been told I need a Crosland type 426 but these have gone obsolete. Anybody got any ideas were I may find one or an alternative make of filter? I also need one for the gearbox which is a marine TMP box. Its supposed to have a Crosland type 503 filter but again I've had no luck. HELP!!!