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  1. Stop Start Doesn't Work Very Often

    Hi Chris the problem according to the garage was if the heater (not A/C) was set to the lowest temp the stop start wouldn't work also if the A/C was in use it wouldn't work, I don't know about the A/C as I hardly ever used it but the temp on the heater had been set to the lowest from the day I picked the car up and everytine it came out of the garage stop start worked fine for upto 48 hours then stopped working again. I was fed up of going back to the garage every other week and even the garage staff were saying see you next week that I decided to hand the Focus back and changed it for the C-Max Zetec instead and personally I have found it to be a better car to drive
  2. Stop Start Doesn't Work Very Often

    Well i've got the car back and have for a week now and believe it or not the stop start has worked almost every time i've stopped and yet the garage say they have done nothing to the car except check the battery on 2 consecutive days and yet everytime before they had to charge the battery it looks like they don't know what they are doing or they can't tell the customer the truth. All I have found out about the problem is what i've been told by Ford is that the stop start doesn't work if the heater is set to the lowest temp (mine had been set to 15 degree's from day 1) or if you have the air conditioning turned on even though I hadn't used the air conditioning so now I change the Focus for a C=Max on Tuesday and hopefully there will be no more problems as the C-Max is only a Zetec
  3. Stop Start Doesn't Work Very Often

    Well I still haven't got the car back from the garage but the latest news from the garage is not only does stop start not when the air conditioning is on but now it doesn't work if you have the hearter set to the lowest temp it can go, can't wait to get it back and find out if it keeps working. I'll update as soon as I get the car back and have it for the normal 48 hours before it stops working again
  4. Stop Start Doesn't Work Very Often

    well mines back in the garage again si hopefully i'll have some information when I eventually pick it up, at the moment i'm thinking it's not the stop start thats faulty but it's a battery problem as the garage have charged it 3 times now in about 5 weeks now there has to be a reason why they have to keep charging it everytime they look at it
  5. Stop Start Doesn't Work Very Often

    The garage have said there was a recall to sort out the problem with the fuel pump working even if the car is parked up and turned off, they say they have sorted that problem so if thats right then it can't be the cause of the problems i'm having
  6. I have a New Ford Focus 1.6TD Titanium 5dr and in the last 4 weeks it has been back to the garage 3 times and on every occasion the stop start function has not been working, the first time it went back the RAc had to get me there as the car wouldn't start at all the other 2 occasions I had the car booked in to sort the stop start out. All the garage appear to have done on each occasion is charge the battery and checked the engine and wiring but after about 2 days the stop start stops working yet again Has anyone got any ideas what could be wrong and why the battery needs to be charged every time it goes in, I only got the car on 30th June this year