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  1. Thank you Chris
  2. This is a bit of a re-post. Please can anyone get scrolling text on the DAB stations?
  3. Chris,thanks for that,but on my DAB in the house on the same station gives the scrolling text to the full extent. Regards Gordon. PS What I am hoping for is someone to say yay or nay on thier DAB in Titanium.
  4. Thanks Paul. On certain stations I get full scrolling text,but not on the station i want (Radio Shropshire)on my home DAB it gives lots of very useful info,and if it was a safety issue why give a text button and why on some stations it works fully. Can you get scrolling text on Radio Shropshire? Please try as I would like to know if it is my problem or all do not give it. Many thanks. Gordon (Telford)
  5. Hi glad you sorted tuning out,please can you tell me if you get scrolling text on DAB stations? I get only a short static text,then it returns to station name. Thanks for any info. Gordon
  6. I have just taken my new Focus with new Sony radio I am unable to get scrolling text,I get some text but it is static,and then goe's off after a few seconds.Is this the same for all others? Dealer say's it is a safety issue,if that is the case why on earth do they put a text button in the first place? Any help !Please! Gordon