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  1. size of fiesta front speakers?

    cheers bud
  2. as above guys, mk4 fiesta,what am i looking for, and do i need to get shallow fit speakers? ie is the space behind the speakers big enough for some beefy magnets? cheers
  3. hi people, Im Dean, 22 from portsmouth an i have just got my first ever ford... a mk4 fiesta 1.3 LX lol in last few months iv had a corsa sport, Astra GTE, and a Cavalier LSI, but having just lost my job i decided i needed something a bit cheaper to insure and run. got offered the fiesta so i took it. have to say im quite happy with it. dont think il do too much to it, however as it already has tints it would be rude not to mod it slightly..... nice set of alloys, lower it 45mm, new exhaust, get rid of the lexus rear lights in favour of some smoked ones, de badged grill.....hehe shoppin list startin already!