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  1. Engine Missfire 1.8 Petrol

    I forgot to mention the first fault was the speedo not working and fuel guage reading low and sounding low fuel alarm. both are working fine now the new coil is fitted.
  2. I had a strange fault last week my engine was missfiring when i turned on the headlights after checking the battery, alternator i found the coil pack was the fault. luckly the coil is the same on the wifes 1.6 focus, so i swapped the part & the car was fine, then got new coil pack from local supplier for £20.
  3. i found 2 leaks, a loose fitting rear window wash nozzle letting water get into the high level brake light, replaced with a new one from ford for around £5. the other was water pooling near where the lock locates, this was the rubber gromet around the rear windscreen wiper shaft, i removed the tail gate trim & wiper motor & sealed gromet with silicone.
  4. noticed this morning water on top of the rear seats of my mk3 hatchback & water around the rear brake light cover, any help apreciated thanks.
  5. 6000 Cd Security Code

    thanks will do.
  6. Hi all i'm new to the forum & probably asking the most common question i need the security code for 6000CD RDS E-O-N please any help would be welcome. Serial No M412976 Thanks Pete.