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  1. My Mk8 Fiesta

    The wheels look great bud, I saw them on eBay the other day. The only thing id suggest would be lowering springs to get the stance right but design wise they're mint :) And I can't see any sign of the splitter not fitting right in the picture lol. Haters gon' hate haha
  2. Ford Fiesta Encore Brake Light

    you could use something like a bolt for a rear light with the interior paint scratched off but theres quite often an earth point hidden somewhere
  3. Missus New Car

    Looks fantastic! The more I see in that colour the more I wish I had the same lol
  4. Newcastle or Tyne & Wear meet

    Top man
  5. Broken Bluetooth Module

    I'd get a second opinion from another Ford garage but it might be worth writing to Auto Express or someone, they are good at fighting your corner and usually get things sorted as "good will"
  6. Poor Build Quality

    Whats a warranty for again? I forget
  7. Mk6 Or Mk7? And Engine Cover?

    The only point that will arrive at is when we are all driving electric cars. You misunderstand me I think
  8. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Damp Problems

    Do you have wind deflectors? I've noticed my windscreen musts up sometimes when parked all day or all night if it's wet and it only started happening since then. That's what I put mine down to
  9. Mk6 Or Mk7? And Engine Cover?

    If you buy a car mower days without soundproofing on the bonnet it's a heap of she-aye-eet lol. And the engine cover is just there to make the engine look pretty. I wouldn't worry mate
  10. Tdci Cold Start

    I always used to stick the ignition on and wait 5 seconds on my last car (glow plug light would come on every time and go out after that) and that was a 2008 car. Try that as it gives the glow plug time to warm the cylinder. You shouldn't see waxing as last year I saw -30 and had no issues at all
  11. I'll just throw a few ideas out there... Idle control valve Faulty or malfunctioning injector Air flow sensor Clogged fuel filter Has it had a service recently? I ran a diesel for a couple of years without servicing it and it used to shake after I booted it, thought it was probably a clogged filter somewhere down the line but got rid before I looked into it. Sorry it's no real help but just a few things I can think of
  12. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    I didn't find it fun to be honest it's the worst car I've ha in snow :( but it was predictable and you could tell exactly what the wheels were doing :)
  13. St On Top Gear

    Sorry but poor grammar and punctuation grind me apologies
  14. St On Top Gear

    Capital letters, commas, full stops, correct spelling.. Why write off an actual ST, when you can write off something worth less that looks the same? It could be a similar situation with the XF - it might look like a top of the range model but actually could be a tarted up bottom of the range car.
  15. Poor Build Quality

    Oh, and I thought i'd add that I have had no problems at all with mine :) Very happy