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  1. Correct, your turn!
  2. None of the above, I'm usually used on the rear on smaller engined vehicles.
  3. No, none of the above. I haven't been found at the front for about 40 years.
  4. Not parking sensors, I've been around much longer than that.
  5. I can be found at the rear of a car but have been known to be at the front as well.
  6. C.V boot?
  7. Not sure if it's worth that much being a 1.6, if it was a 2 litre it would have been worth a bit more, however if it runs ok with a quiet camshaft, I'd stick it on ebay with a start off price at £100 and let it find its own value.
  8. I should of thought it would use next to no oil, of all the 1.6 16v petrol ones I've owned, none of them have used oil, the lowest mileage I've owned was 5k miles, the highest 70k miles, none of them used a drop! Have you checked for any leaks or any blue smoke from the exhaust?
  9. Soungs like there's a leak on the brake servo or the pipe work.
  10. I'd double check with Fordthorne that's a major service, I know 3 years/37500 mile service should be one but I think they've messed up on their price, that sounds like the price for a minor service. Although if it wasn't a major service you could always do a screen print as proof and argue it.
  11. Usually when you get an oil burning smell through the heater vents, oil is dripping onto the hot exhaust & getting burnt off, I suspect your sump is still leaking somewhere, whether it's the sump itself or where it mates to the engine block.
  12. I don't think you'd find a 1.0 ecoboost titanium for under 8k unless its high mileage, how about a 1.4 titanium, they're a little bit older though & it'll be a MK7 not a MK7.5. I think the newest 1.4 petrol you'd get is on a 62 plate. I think the only MK7.5 for 7k is going to be a 1.25, even the 1.0 ecoboost zetec's start at around 7.5k with average mileage.
  13. Delphi are a very good make, so is Pagid, which are usually on offer from Euro car parts.
  14. Be careful with the battery fitted to the 1.8 TDCI, apparently they fitted two types of batteries to these, the 100 battery is 278mm in length & 72AH, the 110 battery is 315mm in length & 80AH.My friend has just replaced his on a 2006 1.8 TDCi, His was fitted with the 80AH & 315mm, he bought his bosch S4 from GSF, after applying a discount code it came to £79. It might be the same as this battery, he bought his from GSF though.
  15. Agree with the above, I've got a 2011 1.6 estate mk2.5, it's a little low geared especially on the motorway, I seem to average 40 mpg taking it easy, not the fastest thing in the world but it does the job.