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  1. Go the the ford etis website, click on the vehicle tab, put in your reg number and it should say if your car is subject to a recall or google degas hose and you should compare the image fitted to your car.
  2. Another possibilty is that your nans 1.6 ghia may be the 115 bhp vct version and yours being a 2009 Zetec may well be the 100 bhp version.
  3. If its a 1.8 TDCI you have then it may be worth reading this thread
  4. The air con pump is run off the aux belt, without the engine running the pump isn't being driven.
  5. Not sure about the wiring, I'm sure the clutch cable can't be adjusted, I think its like the MK3 & MK4 Escorts with the dreaded automatic adjuster ratchet at the top of the clutch pedal, which if need be are a pain to change.
  6. Never seen that before! Is that a left hand thread as well?
  7. Cold, and don't undo the cap when engine is hot, the cooling system is pressurised.
  8. Camskill also have some listed on their website
  9. The wheel nuts should be 19mm, the locking wheel nut fits straight on, no cover to remove even though it looks like there is.
  10. It could be stonechip?
  11. Replacement engine after your loss of compression I read about on another thread?
  12. The pads with the three protruding metal clips clip into the piston.
  13. Looks a nice car, are you sure you've ordered the right sat nav card? I thought the latest one for the sony non touch screen was the V6, just noticed you've bought a different car with a touch screen so ignore that.
  14. In that case 29-32mpg sounds about right then.
  15. I find the 1.4 engine quite adequate in the Fiesta, The 60 plate Zetec I've just bought has the stereo with an extra row of buttons, usb & bluetooth fitted, I don't think the earlier ones had the usb, the bluetooth was an optional extra when new, 70 mph at 3000 rpm sounds about the same in the Mk7, I'd say you'd need at least £4000 upwards for a tidy non cat c or d 1.4 Fiesta.