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  1. Being a 1.0, I'd check your Degas hose, although being a 2014 it may have the later hos fitted, 2 litres of coolant is quite a lot, have a read of this thread
  2. Open the glove box, the aux socket should be top left if I remember.
  3. Borg and beck used to be known for their quality especially clutch kits, as Iantt has said they've been bought out now so not sure of their quality,
  4. The 1.8 TDCi is a very good engine on the whole, they don't have a DPF, the main issue with that engine though is the injectors on the 2008 models seem to have problems. Have a read on this thread about it.
  5. That's a bit unlucky, at least the garage are sorting things out, which garage did your dad buy the Focus from?
  6. The 1.6 petrol in the mk2.5 is fine, as others have said it's a basic engine, of all the 100 bhp versions I've had none of the have used a drop of oil, I was averaging 40 m.p.g as well, that's with a light right foot though, theyr'e no rocket ship but I found them perfectly fine, the 2008 titanium you mention with 101k on the clock is probably worth 2.5k ish if its tidy, like you said the cambelt is due though.
  7. Correct, your turn!
  8. None of the above, I'm usually used on the rear on smaller engined vehicles.
  9. No, none of the above. I haven't been found at the front for about 40 years.
  10. Not parking sensors, I've been around much longer than that.
  11. I can be found at the rear of a car but have been known to be at the front as well.
  12. C.V boot?
  13. Not sure if it's worth that much being a 1.6, if it was a 2 litre it would have been worth a bit more, however if it runs ok with a quiet camshaft, I'd stick it on ebay with a start off price at £100 and let it find its own value.
  14. I should of thought it would use next to no oil, of all the 1.6 16v petrol ones I've owned, none of them have used oil, the lowest mileage I've owned was 5k miles, the highest 70k miles, none of them used a drop! Have you checked for any leaks or any blue smoke from the exhaust?
  15. Soungs like there's a leak on the brake servo or the pipe work.