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  1. Very Poor on Fuel

    Similar to what I'm getting on my mk2.5 1.6 100ps, my last tank full using the brim to brim method was just over 37mpg, thats with a light right foot but I do get stuck in traffic on my daily commute.
  2. Air Con Issue, Not working

    Condenser is at the front, looks like a radiator, as someone mentioned, have a look on groupon, ATS are offering a regas via the groupon website for £28.
  3. Injector issue

    There is another thread about the 1.8 TDCI injector problem
  4. Dipped Beam adjustment wheel

    It adjusts the headlight aim up or down, if you've got a lot of weight in the back or towing a caravan instead of the headlight aim pointing to the sky you adjust them so they're lower and point to the road, with no load in the back and for m.o.t purpose the adjuster should be set to 0.
  5. wheel nut caps

    No need to jack car up , just change one or two at a time, you will need a 18mm socket to fit the ones with no caps on.
  6. Location for cylinder head buckets

    I think thats the shim inside the buckets, you'd have to work out what size shim you need for each valve clearance.
  7. Oil

    Yes 5/30 and I would stick to the Ford specification of WSS-M2C913-C, you can buy the geninue Ford Formula F from a number of main dealers on ebay for under £25 delivered.
  8. I used to own a 2011 petrol focus, when you locked the car the mileage display used to stay on all the time (which flattened the battery) rather than the 20 minutes shutdown time, after reading a post by @JW1982 where it was mentioned that the most cause of the power drain was either the standard fit stereo or the bluetooth, I disconected the bluetooth module which is behind the glove box on the focus & noticed the mileage display now shut off after 20 minutes as normal, I'm not sure if the mondeo is the same set up though.
  9. Ecoboost Sudden death at 40K miles - Degas hose

    Go the the ford etis website, click on the vehicle tab, put in your reg number and it should say if your car is subject to a recall or google degas hose and you should compare the image fitted to your car.
  10. Something not right

    Another possibilty is that your nans 1.6 ghia may be the 115 bhp vct version and yours being a 2009 Zetec may well be the 100 bhp version.
  11. If its a 1.8 TDCI you have then it may be worth reading this thread
  12. Fiesta air-con switches off

    The air con pump is run off the aux belt, without the engine running the pump isn't being driven.
  13. Help with the Sierra please

    Not sure about the wiring, I'm sure the clutch cable can't be adjusted, I think its like the MK3 & MK4 Escorts with the dreaded automatic adjuster ratchet at the top of the clutch pedal, which if need be are a pain to change.
  14. What do we make of this?

    Never seen that before! Is that a left hand thread as well?
  15. Check coolant level hot or cold?

    Cold, and don't undo the cap when engine is hot, the cooling system is pressurised.