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  1. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the package when you've had a good chance to experience it properly.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm looking at upgrading my current diesel Zetec S to an ST. I wondered: A - Has anybody done this and how are they liking it, I average about 13,000 per annum. B - what are peoples real world returns on fuel like, I know Ford quote 47 but these often are...ambitious I would also be interested to know what price people secured them for. Would love to know people's thoughts/opinions, particularly if you have recently purchased one. Thanks, Adam
  3. Bump. As an update to this, the trim is actually stick on. It requires the removal of the black plastic strip under the window, the seals on the outside of the window, the seal on the inside of the door and then the cover peeled off. There is some slight damage to the actual b pillar itself where I presume the crowbar went in, does anybody have any experience of how I can repair this, I read somewhere about a hammer and scraper to tap it down? Thanks. Adam
  4. Great thanks for your reply, hopefully it will just clip straight back on, some people are genuinely unbelievable, thanks again for your help.
  5. That's great thank you, i don't suppose you know anything about fitting, are they clipped or glued on? I'm pretty useful, fitted a new window mech last week. my car was broken into and I'm repairing the resulting damage.
  6. They only have the left side, is this common ie them only listing one side but they stock both do you know/had any experience of them? Its very odd they would only stock one side.
  7. Hi. My car was broken into the other night and in the process the trim on the left side of the drivers door was damaged, I have searched for some time trying to find part numbers etc and fitting instructions but to no avail. I wondered if someone could point me in the right direction in terms of part number/where I can source it cheaply, and fitting instructions, thanks in advance. Adam
  8. Brilliant, thanks very much for your opinion. I've negotiated a deal with the diesel too where its the same price as the petrol would be so immediately helps claw the savings back.
  9. I would say around 200 motorway miles a week. Maybe 40 or so town miles then perhaps 50-100 misc on A and B roads. Total of about 16,000.
  10. I agree with the MPG lottery, people seem to be getting a real wide array of results from their comparative cars. So the newer model with DPF isn't as sharp as the older one? I would love a 1 series but insurance rules it out for me, I'm really torn currently and really don't know what to do. Luckily I have time on my side. What would be your suggestion as the either a Zetec S or another similar car? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone. I know this topic has been done many times before but after reading numerous threads I'm still as much in the dark as I always was. Basically I'm looking to change my current car to a brand new Zetec S, so I'm debating over petrol or diesel. I average about 16,000 miles per yer, broken up into 2 x 90 mile commutes at the start and end of the week to uni and then town driving mid week. It appears this milage puts me on the cusp of whether or not the petrol is worth it, I have test driven the petrol (I currently own a diesel Zetec S) and it was nice, but I wasn't over enamoured at motorway speeds as Im used to my dervs torque, also I was being cautious as the dealer was very grumpy. Basically I'd like to know form owners of both their pros and cons and in real terms how much the car costs them to run. Thanks very much in advance. Adam
  12. Hello,

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  13. Hi. Just joined on her so thought I'd give everyone a hello. I have recently bought myself a Fiesta Zetec S TDCI and look forward to learning lots about it on here with the help of everyone. Thanks Adam