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  1. Just bought some groundnut oil, guna wash the car and give it a go... Youve done a right job, hope mine turns out as good!
  2. 07 Plate Fiesta Bulbs

    thanks alot :)
  3. 07 Plate Fiesta Bulbs

    Just wanting abit of advice regarding lighting. Ive got a 07 Plate Fiesta and looking at changing the rear/number plate bulbs. Is anyone aware of where i can get details on the bulbs i need. Had a look on ebay and it mentions 'mm' sizing and i have no idea. Ive always thought that a 07 plate fiesta is MK6 but since ive been looking around for the bulbs some infomation shows that the MK 6 wasnt made until 2008... Can anyone also confirm if this is correct. New to this site so sorry if ive posted this in wrong section. Thanks alot in advance.. :)