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  1. Just been told by Quick Fit that I need a new rear and middle exhaust sections for my Ford Fiesta. They said it would be £160! Anyone have any ideas?

    1. jmurray01


      My idea ? Don't go to Kwik Fit! They are well known for ripping people off, especially on exhausts! £160 is extortionate for a rear and middle section.

  2. Hi the code is m015482. Thanks very much.

  3. as i say it looks like you have got to remove the radio and look for an Mserial number

  4. Anybody who can make my radio work will be a hero!

  5. Hi been driving around in silence for a few months now since I left my lights on a flattened the battery its wanted a code which I dont have. I press 6 and 1 and get "MGP DJS" the "4-04A" then "05-08-01". pressing 6 and 2 doesnt seem to work.

    Could the number you need be M050801 or A050801? Im guessing you may know by what I have said.

    Thank y...

  6. Need a fiesta 6000CD radio code! HELP!

  7. hi mike, going by the last six numbers try 3429,if this does not work you will have to remove the radio and look for a serial number beginning with M followed by six numbers and post back, i will give you your code.

  8. Please could you help me with a code for my Ford fiesta? It is a 1999 S Reg. It is the 6000CD version. I held 6 and 1 to get the serial numbers. It flashed up: "MGP DJS" "4-04A" "050801" Thank you

  9. Hi I have not had any radio in my car for ages! Can anyone help me with a code? I held 6 and 1 and the following appeared: 4-04A 050801 Thank you