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  1. S&C stands for "Sound & Connect". Streaming Bluetooth audio and USB connection. The 8M5T-19C112-AH is the Bluetooth/Voice Control module located above the glove box.
  2. I just finished installing my S&C module 8M5T-19C112-AH. I made all the wiring mods and added a GLI. Great sound. USB works great. All titles are displayed in the NAV and in the Convers+. Full control over changing songs etc. IPOD and hard drive work great. Also have Bluetooth audio!! That was a great surprise. I thought BT audio was only available in -xM units and later. Additional cell phone options (last call made, last call rcvd...) are displayed in the Convers+!! Here's my problem. My previous BT/VC module was a 7S7T-19G488-BE, German language. I installed a 8M5T-19C112-AH, supposedly English, but the voice control is still in German. How do I change the voice control language. German isn't a problem for me, but the VC doesn't like my accent. Help!!!
  3. I keep forgetting it's there and haven't used it yet. I was going to use it for my cellphone.
  4. 2008 Ford Mondeo Sony Radio

    part number is 8M5T-19C112-AT.
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  6. 2008 Ford Mondeo Sony Radio

    I currently have this type unit installed in my 2008 MK4 Mondeo Titanium Sport. I'm looking at purchasing this unit from a 2007 Focus: or a 8M5T-18K931-AA model unit: Additionally, I plan on buying this BT/VC module with cables. My current BT/VC is German. Will these units (Nav & BT/VC) work together? Am I missing anything?
  7. 2008 Ford Mondeo Sony Radio

    No replies??? Is anyone out there?? :)
  8. New to the forum and this is my time posting a question. :) I'll be buying a 2008 MK4 Mondeo Titanium with this radio installed. From what I've read it should have an audio jack in the glovebox. Is it USB compatible or do I need an adapter? What do you guys (UK) call this radio? What is a plate? When referring to the Mondeo. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi everyone, Hopefully, I'll be the proud owner of a 2008 MK4 Mondeo Titanium by mid next month! I'm a US expat living in Germany. Thanks