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  1. Thank you both for your help, i think i'll try the soldering first because it comes and goes when i wiggle the connector, if that dont work then a local garage will program one in for about £50, i'll let you know, thanks again
  2. does the cluster need to be identical ?
  3. Does it have to be the exact same one ?
  4. I am having a problem with my dashboard, Mk2 2006 1.6 tdi, while driving the lights come on the dash and i lose all power, when i give the dash a tap it comes back normal, this can happen two or three times a day or might not happen for a month, reading thru forums and search sites i see this is happening to other people aswell, what i need to know is can i fit a cluster from a scrappy and what is involved ie programming to car and keys, some people say it will go straight in some people say it wont.Also does it have to identical as i see on this forum that you can fit a Mk2.5, Many thanks.