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  1. Hello. Did anyone fits an Oil temperature Gauge in his Fiesta MK7 TDCI ? Because i'm wondering, where i can screw the Fluidsensor in, because the oil drain plug at my Fiesta 1.6l 95PS TDCi have a thread M10x1,25. And i can't find a sensor like this thread. I have the PLX Device DM200 Multigauge. http://www.plxdevices.com/OBD-OBD2-OBDII-Multi-Gauge-60mm-p/897346002016.htm And i want install the Fluid Temp Sensor Modul. http://www.plxdevices.com/VDO-Fluid-Temperature-Sensor-Combo-Kit-p/897346002207.htm But the Sensor from this Modul is 1/8 NPT Could anyone help me please ? Thanks
  2. Yeah. I'm finished an very proud [emoji5]️ Thanks to Lenny[emoji106] https://vimeo.com/128272620
  3. Me again. My Project will going on. Now I have one more Question about installing the Valve. I have found a Picture from my Engine. And now I'm wondering, if its possible to install the Valve for the Boost Gauge in this Plastic (encircled) ?
  4. Hello I have the same Problem for few month i have changed the original Intercooler Hose,because i want blue silicon Hose. Every Enginecleaning i wondering, if this Oilfilm where normal or my pipe had a leak. on this Way, i checked if the Intercooler-Hose fit perfectly and I checked the Hose clamp. Everythings okay. Now, could you say me, if this is normal or not ?
  5. But if you are second owner on the cars logbook then you could blank egr, I'm the first and hopefully the last Owner from my Fiesta.
  6. To blank the egr Valve is forbitten in Germany. But since three month, my Fiesta has 120ps . My Gauge are from PLX Device. The first Gauge are a DM200 OBD Multigauge. The second one (comes in the next few month) will be a PLX DM-5 Boost.
  7. thanks.. mate.. you have helped me.. now i know where i can fit the Valve. :-) Thats great..
  8. Thanks mate.. but the picture is a bit small :-)
  9. So, i have post a new Picture. Hope you can see it, because the other Pictures was upload via Tabatalk.
  10. what do you thing, witch pipe ore hose where better to install the Valve ? Picture 1 ore 2? The Pipe from Picture 2 is steel made
  11. I have read this thread, but my engine are a little different. So i don't know,witch Hose or Pipe i must use. This is the reason, why i post some picture from my Engine.
  12. push
  13. hey everybody. i want to install a Boost Gauge. And now i'm looking for a Place to fit the Adapter for the Hose. here are some Picture from my Engine 1.6l 95ps TDCi. Where can i install the Adapter ?
  14. Hello. Did anyone install some Gauge Pods in his Fiesta and can upload some picture? At the moment i have an ScanGauge2