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  1. Hi mate I think it's a great mod. One question if I cut the wires to the switch i won't be able to use the switch for starting I will have to use the button. Is this correct ????. Also where did you get your red ford badge ?, It looks mint !!!!.. I love the gloss black tiim. I have a 59 econetic and I have done loads to it I will be posting pics soon.
  2. Can anyone help with. I have a new set of speeds clocks for my fiesta mk8 2009 how can I get the clocks reprogrammed to my cars ecu. When I plug them in they work but the immobiliser light flashes and car won't start can you guys help.
  3. Hi everyone I have a Sony from the new titanium up for sale on eBay check it out.

  4. Thank for your reply. Keep us posted. Thanks. George.
  5. Hi there does anyone know if I can retro fit cruise control from a titanium to my fiesta economic. If so what parts will I need.
  6. Fiesta mk8 Sony fitting instructions. Can anybody help me with wiring up my new titanium Sony unit.