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  1. Just to clarify, the automatic engages in reverse smoothly. the noise only occurs when the car is going backwards, my vague knowledge is that the noise is occurring from steering or tyres such as brakes, as 60% of the time it doesnt make this noise, but other times it does, it was frustrating as i had a friend of mine sit in the car to listen to the noise but it was so frustrating as it wasnt making it whilst he was there.! he reckons the car had not warmed up sufficiently and he suspected the car has sticky brakes or something.??
  2. Im not to clued up on transmission, is the reverse band part of transmission? Personally i reckon its from the front end but havent been able to pinpoint the noise
  3. Yh your right facelift model, theres no noise in any other gear, only when going in reverse.
  4. My focus is a 2008 2.0 automatic mk3 model, and it has been making a noise in reverse the noise is like something dry and its loud and lasts for a few seconds OR it can also be described as a screeching noise (not engine) , i noticed if i steer the noise can get worse but that does not mean when going back in a straight line it doesnt make a noise as often it makes a noise also when reversing straight, and sometimes going round a corner fast it makes a similar noise but not sure if this is related. any advice will be much appreciated.