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    1993 xr2i 16v 150 bhp
  1. check if it does it in all gears or just first i had a similar problem on my escort gti and it turned out to be the gear oil was low
  2. hey m8 check the airfilter and any pipes vaccum leaks around the carb its probably something and nothing like a cracked pipe
  3. cover your boot all over with dynomat soundproofing stuff mine dosent rattle inside but its rediculous outside
  4. ive got an xr2i on a 1993 k plate n all u need to do is swap the head and throttlebody get a decent exhaust and whack a chip in it u should have around 150 bhp like mine pretty good fun till it rains then its like a boat
  5. first off check the lambda sensor and the air flow sensor common on most fords
  6. hey all i thaught id share a couple of pics of my 150bhp fez 2i
  7. start with the basics first m8 check the brake pads and the wires one of them could be damaged i had a similar problem on my escort gti and it turned out to be the pads i could be wrong but its easier to start with the easy stuff also when the light is on slam the brakes on to see if the abs kicks in then u may find it could be the clock panel im no pro mechanic but i do know a thing or three
  8. hey everyone ive just stumbled across this site as i am a new owner of a 16v 150 bhp xr2i i swopped it for my escort gti and im well happy with it ill get some pics up at weekend