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  1. Focus Choke Prob

    Its been OK (touch wood) today Danny. But cheers :) for your great advice - i'll keep you all posted. Pete
  2. Interesting - thx for reply however, you can wait ages in mine but clunk will still happen at approx 12 mph even if waited ages. Pete
  3. Hi all, Got 1.8 petrol focus. Today when starting from cold, revs fluctuated between about 450-700 up and down etc. Now normally it idles approx 1200 when cold then settles as it should to approx 750ish. Any way back to story, revved it a bit then it settled down. Has anyone else had this or any suggestions what it could be (dodgy throttle switch / idle valve etc etc etc?) Thx Pete
  4. Hi all - my Focus does this too. It could be coincidence but whilst on my private property i forgot to put my seatbelt on. When the clunk happened, it set off the red light/beep to say seatbelt not on. Could be coincidence or could be a check to see if seatbelt is on (tho this doesnt explain why it happens on some and not others!). Pete