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  1. X Reg Fiesta Speedo Not Working

    sorry for late reply, I took the wheel off and couldn't see what you described.. took me a while to get under and look because of the bad weather, it seems to be working intermittently as well now, which is annoying. and thinking about it i don't think i have ABS... confused.com
  2. X Reg Fiesta Speedo Not Working

    thank you very much will have a look tomorrow on my lunch break or after work i think :) and report back !
  3. hi, im new and just bought a ford fiesta on an x reg for my girlfriend to run about in, however the speedo just packed in today and i have searched and cannot find what i am looking for, if you have covered this ( and i am sure you have) please can you link me to it. any way if anyone has a crude drawing or diagram of where the cable is on the gear box and where it connects behind the dash, that would help so i can check to see if it has snapped, also can anyone tell me a good parts retailer online ? and lastly can anyone tell me how complex a job this is. thankyou.