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  1. Focus Tit X Satnav Info

    Sony SatNav is not touch screen and NO reversing camera either (until May I believe)
  2. The Amazing Focus!

    Had my Focus nearly 2 months now and have done about 1,300 miles. I have had no issues with the car, everything works as it should, don't have a lot of confidence in the city stop and lane departure warning to keep me safe but it does work, gets my missus on edge when city stop warning kicks in, sign recognition in the main works but sometimes misreads and displays 100 limit sign! Not even used active park assist yet and voice recognition is a bit of a gimmick, especially if defrost is on and trying to turn it off is a laugh 'cause of the noise of the fan drowning out your voice.. Adaptive cruise control is brill on the motorway and works well but is a bit unnerving on tighter corners when you lose the tracking of the car in front, just be aware and it's ok. Sound system is excellent, external hdd via usb needed extra power via the 12v socket which is a pain because of the trailing lead into the glove box. USB stick is ok, ipod connection is also good. Got some good features like corning lights which really helps on dark road in town and cockpit lighting is cool, downlighters on the wing mirrors is good. Engine still tight and getting 42 'ish on 3 mile trip tp work, on a 550 mile long weekend trip (virtually empty tank when we got back) some motorway and A roads got overall 54.6mpg, a bit dissappointed but would hope to get better when run in properly. (Get 55 mpg out of my pug 406 HDi 110 on a similar run) Trip computer is a bit basic, Pug has more settings 2 trips, mileage and longer range tank Ordered Sony satnav and was a bit miffed when the reversing camera was missing, It was confirmed that the camera would be part of the kit. Love the look of the car and it's a pleasure to drive, my last Ford btw was a Mk 3 Cortina Estate which I ran for 8 years NEVER let me down and , my first car was a 1500cc Ford Cortina Mk1 (1964).......
  3. Ford Focus Titanium X Estate

  4. New Focus Sat Nav

    Ok, Thanks for that, just seems a strange thing to have on the display, on some of the other screens, say when music is playing it's a blue line. What's the point? It just wastes pixels!
  5. New Focus Sat Nav

    Would that be ordered from early 2012 or delivered early 2012? Mine was delivered 6th jan 2012 ! I did do my research and was assured by a. Dealer and my supplier that the rev cam would be fitted, now feeling a bit ripped off..... And the display still has the yellow line on rhs !! Reported back to dealers, will await response and post back in due course.
  6. Reverse Camera Problem?

    Mine is a 2012 model and I was assured that rev cam would be on it, 750 quid for sat nav is a rip off. Reported back to suppliers and will get back to me on Monday. Map display has bright yellow line down hrs. Is this normal???
  7. New Focus Sat Nav

    Just checked rear of car in the light this morning, no camera! I was assured that would have one. Back to the dealers then.
  8. New Focus Sat Nav

    After 4 months wait I have at long last taken delivery of my Focus Tit X Estate (today!) The Satnav (Sony unit)does not appear to have the rear view camera but it may be me not operating it correctly! The manual gives details how to use it and switch it on etc. but all I get is the reversing sensors showing on the screen so I am not best pleased that I have paid £750 for a Satnav. There is no sign of the lens of the camera near the number plate are as indicated in the manual. Also in map view the display has a bright yellow line on RHS of the screen running top to bottom (very distracting) There is very little instructions as to the actual satnav op and the manual seems of poor quality. Early days yet, Suggestions? (polite ones only please!!!)
  9. Reverse Camera Problem?

    I have just taken delivery of a Focus Tit X Est. with the Sony Sat nav, According to the handbook there should be a reversing camera but it does not work, it may well not be even fitted. I have had no chance yet to inspect the rear of the car for the camera itself, there is nothing in the number plate area, where is the camera located on the rear of an estate? (the rear parking sensors come on in the display) Also, on the satnav display there is a yellow line on the right hand side of the display (in Map view) is this normal? it's very intense and runs from top to bottom and is a couple of mm's wide. It's not there on any other view. Any comments on this? Also.... Can't seem to find anyway of switching off the airbags for passenger seat for child seat... Certainly not as described asin handbook.
  10. New Focus Sat Nav

    New brochure says rear view camera will be available from models supplied early 2012. I have been given a delivery date of late december, whether I get the rear view camera or not is in the lap of the gods, will just have to wait and see..... Brism
  11. New Focus Sat Nav

    Option is now available on the car configurator to add the Sony satnav, cost is £750 (same as the C-Max)doesn't say anything about the rear facing camera though. The latest brochure still refers to the Ford Satnav system..... Still not clear as to the actual spec of the Sony satnav system. Clarification is needed.
  12. New Focus Sat Nav

    Thanks Chris, is there anywhere that more details can be found for this option on the focus? I was torn between the Cmax and the Focus Estate and opted for the Focus Estate because of the extra features over and above the Cmax and was disappointed that the Sony Sat Nav was not available.... Brian
  13. New Focus Sat Nav

    This is in response to my enquiry from the sales guy at my local Ford dealers: "My apologies the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) was missing and is an additional £750. With regards to the navigation system it would be the Sony Navigation with 9 speakers, Bluetooth, USB and a 5 colour screen this is on all Focus factory orders after the 1st September (2012MY) the one on the website will be for the current 2011MY." The option is still only showing the Ford Satnav on the Ford web Site, the Sony (£750) is NOT even mentioned... Don't know whether the rear camera is included at this price Bluetooth and usb is on the car as standard anyway, plus an upgraded screen from 4.2" to 5" Still seems pricey to me... If the camera is included then that's not too bad.
  14. New Focus Sat Nav

    Thanks for the info. I've cancelled the SatNav option but have ordered a Focus Estate Titanium X 1.6td with the 'drivers assistance pack', 'Adaptive cruise control' and the 'Appearance Pack' In Panther Black, Interestingly my local Ford garage quoted me £750 for the Sony DAB Satnav option, where they got this from I've no idea but I've asked for an explanation as to the accuracy of this quote. Delivery Mid Dec....
  15. New Focus Sat Nav

    I've only just joined this forum and came across it only recently. I have ordered a new Focus Estate Tit X with th Sat Nav and was a bit concerned about the apparent downgrade to the Ford system from the Sony. Reading the comments has now prompted me to amend my order (I only ordered 3 days ago so changing shouldn't be problem) I can buy a really good sat nav and get a wadge of change from my £550. Would have really liked the Sony Satnav and cam as on the Cmax, Why isn't this possible on the Focus when it's basically the same dash board as the Cmax.