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  1. after i bought my car i stupidly went to morrisons car was instead of going to a proper one also forgot to take off my aerial bit of a rookie mistake, now my car radio doesnt really work the signal is pants and can rarely pick up a staition. Could the aeriol get damedged that easily or could it be something else ???

  2. From the album Car

    hopffully fitting this soon, ive bought and fitted a badgless grill but still dont know the best way to fit it :D
  3. From the album Car

  4. From the album Car

    The day i bought it changed a few thing now though :D
  5. im looking to buy a K&N induction kit, im doing odd mods here and there and i think this is the next step but trying to find some good pics or step by step guide how to fit it is impossible atm HELP !!!!