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  1. Egg fried rice, curry sauce :D

  2. Murray you stroppy little !Removed! xD. Av' him Tsonga' AV HIM!!

  3. Cannot waaaaait till this phone contract is up - robbed >.

  4. The letter you put safe for later - and cant find!

  5. I'm defiantly working in the right area. Two Ferrari 458's having a little drag race up the street in our dinner time... As you do.

  6. GOAL!! . . Lol jokes - their to busy diving on the floor to cheat the way through (y) -.-

  7. Ford Audio / Phone Via Bluetooth

    No, i mean it doesnt let you watch the clip/video as before the update. It jsut shows a message saying "Your video is playing on your tv"
  8. Ford Audio / Phone Via Bluetooth

    Since ive updated - ive noticed if you watch YouTube clips on your phone whilst connected to the usb in the car - it thinks your watching it through your tv
  9. So much better watching England with the alternative commentary from Chris M :D

  10. Ford Audio / Phone Via Bluetooth

    I have just updated my in car audio, and still it is the same as the original post. This is ridiculously frustrating Thank you :(
  11. Hello Guys! Ive had my 61reg Fiesta Zetec for a good 7 months now, but something is bugging me... I have set up my phone through bluetooth no problem. My 'setup' is that i plug my phone in through USB (to charge it) and have my bluetooth on aswell. But when i first had the car, if i received or made a call, whilst listening to music through my iphone, it would 'dim down' the music into the background whilst i have my conversation. But now, it doesnt. As i receive or make a call, it just cuts my music off and of course rings... How can i get it back to how it previously was? Please help me, thank you!