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  1. Ford Mondy

    My Mondy
  2. Img 0228

    From the album Ford Mondy

  3. IMG 0227

    From the album Ford Mondy

  4. IMG 0229

    From the album Ford Mondy

  5. IMG 0228sm

    From the album Ford Mondy

  6. Meet In The South Wales Area Sometime In The Summer?

    Yeh, sounds good, I gotta 99 silver mondy estate. Let me know where and where! Parcel wrapping up............... :)
  7. A proud and happy mondy owner for 4 years, its a people carrier, a logistics vehicle, a removal van, a taxi etc............

    Its so versatile!

  8. More Newbies

    Hi, I have had my Mondy (LX auto 16 valve auto estate) for 4 years now. Apart from the usual maintenance and servicing, haven't had no real problems, their fab vehicles! Its so smooth and powerfull, whoosh there it goes.............................