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  1. HI, i got mechanic to replace water pump problem solved !!!! I thought sound was like chicken under bonnet, other people said sound like frog or puppy yelping it was worse the warmer the car got. The pump had started to seize up, hope this will be of help to anybody having same noises/problem
  2. Hi again lone wolf, any idea which pulley it was you had changed ?
  3. Hi, i'll give mechanic a call & get him to check that out, THANKS
  4. Hi, i've spoke to a mechanic & he also told me that when the noise is persistant & louder, not intermittant to let him know & he will sort it from there, i must say this mechanic is excellent & comes highly reccomended he has told me not to worry it's just an annoying noise , he said it would be ripping me off if he started changing water pump & other stuff he has assured me he will sort out problem.I will keep you updated on this site as to what happens. Thanks for your advice
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum been searching for a month for one, anyway i bought my ford fusion 04 plate( oops not 53 as i put at top thats my dads)about a month ago & i've noticed the warmer the car gets it sounds like a frog croaking under bonnet & gets quite annoying, i've been told 3 possibilities, water pump , alternator or pulley ? But then i'm told its nothing to worry about, bit miffed because if they dont know what it is how can they say dont worry? anybody got any ideas or had same problem. Would really appreciate some help. Many thanks