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  1. Hi Rachelm. My rear wiper often refuses to work on my Fiesta, a common problem seems to be a poor earth connection via the hinges. You can clean them up, (that's all I ever do) but a more permanent repair is to add an additional earth link from the rear hatch to the body of the car. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, just had to reply. I always used to have medium to large cars, but with the cost of fuel rising and me travelling further I opted for a small car. To be honest I was attracted by the price of the clio, I went for the "base models" (8v 1200). I was quite taken with my first "small" car. After a few years of driving around 80,000 miles (reasonably happy) decided it was time to chop it in for an newer replacement. After writing off the second I opted for an older, current run about, (Fez Mk4 1300). I have to say I have been more than pleased with it, it has never let me down (with some basic maintenance, of course) taking me 60,500 miles in the 3 1/2 years I have had it. Fuel economy is simililar to the basic clio (around 52 mpg, driving for economy on the current weekly runs) Although initially it seemed slightly nosier, less smooth (it was older, what do you expect?!)
  3. Hi, seems that the idle speed control valve is a common cause of this problem. Sometimes cleaning it can get you out of trouble, but it didn't work for me, I ended up getting one from a breakers. Luckily it was a good one and it cured my problem.
  4. Hi. I know with my fiesta when this happens I give the hinge pins on the tailgate a clean. The proper cure for this (I was told) is to fit an additional earth wire, the hinges provide an earth connection. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi, had to say I was quite surprised when I found my old girl was doing about 52miles per gallon ('97 1.3).I do rather long trips, not just running about locally.
  6. Hi there, sorry you were unable to find help here, there were some teckie guys around here recently, have to say I've not found much help with a recent queiry, then again I have an oldie fiesta (1997) that I use daily (when I can). Maybe the bulk of the people on here are fiesta fans and not fiesta maintainters
  7. Hi sara, guess you're right, that's the way to go. Will look into replacing that. Thanks for your reply, hope you have a lovely weekend.
  8. Hi folks. Have a '97 fez with the petrol endura engine that stalls, say when the revs drop and you approach a roundabout. Not that often, maybe couple of times a week. I've been told it's nearly always the idle control valve, and the recommendation for a tempory cure was to clean it. It has made no difference, do you think I should still take a gamble and buy a new one? Thanks in advance for ant help.
  9. Well, I cannot see where a circlip would be fitted to the replacement thermostat. I thought there might be one fitted over the top of it, but I cannot see one whith the cover removed.
  10. Hoping someone could advise me please. I have removed the cover off my thermostat, to replace it, however it seems secured in it's housing. The Haynes manual I have, mentions a circlip to be removed. Am I missing something, or is it a bit more involved to change than I envisaged? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi mate, I seem to remember some years ago I had a car that didn't appear to have a faulty alternator, but caused it to discharge over night. The problem was correctly diagnosed as the alternator, despite the fact it would charge the battery whilst the engine was running. Just a thought.
  12. ok.... so if I take precautions on board, what do I need to do? Is it something I could undertake?
  13. Hi all. It seems that this fault can be triggerred/stopped by waggling the steering wheel. I understand this could be due to a connection associated with the steering wheel. Is this a repair I could attempt, or is it best left to the experts? Regards.
  14. Hi guys, well I'm at a bit of a loss, as usual, with these "sillies" (ie problems that don't disable the car, but are still annoying) have tried moving the seat about whilst I get a flickering airbag light, after checking both seat connections, really not sure what I can check next. Anymore suggestion?