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  1. Drove the diesel for a week and been a passenger in the petrol. IMHO: Diesel Plenty fast enough to 'make progress' and execute brisk overtakes Doesn't seem to handle much different to the petrol When driven sensibly can deliver 50 MPG Petrol Faster than the diesel but a LOT more thirsty, especially when driven how it 'should' be FUN!!! Will run through front tyres even quicker than the diesel if it's driven how it should be The diesel has a DPF so to avoid problems with it clogging up you need to be doing at least one decent run a week, if not or you generally just do short runs, get the petrol and enjoy the speed!
  2. Keep us all posted mate.
  3. Keep us all posted mate.
  4. Granted, but even thrashing around some national speed limit A roads it can do 50+ MPG whilst providing more than enough performance to deal with overtaking the old folks in their purple Honda Jazz's that are out for a leisurely sunday drive
  5. As mentioned early, make sure the correct type of battery is fitted. If a 'regular' lead acid battery is fitted, the SmartCharge system will boil it over time and you'll have another dead battery.
  6. I'd say she has good taste then!
  7. Yes but I'd be rather worried about how long the gearbox will last if you go ahead. I've got a 1.8 TDCi and it's an old school rattly old thing. The gearbox isn't meant to deal with those kind of vibrations, that's what the DMF is for.
  8. Hubba hubba , lol. Very nice
  9. That said, I had my heavily coked up 1.8 TDCI (110K miles at the time) Terracleaned and it's been fantastic over the last 18 months, doesn't use any oil and no smoking.
  10. I had cheap discs fitted to mine and they still warped within 2 months, even with my best efforts to not sit on the foot brake etc. The vented Brembos that I fitted to replace the cheapo discs are still fine after 2 years so I guess you get what you pay for.
  11. Also, if the filter seal isn't absolutely perfect then even a tiny amount of air being allowed into the system will cause the engine to stall periodically. Rather than replace the fuel filter again, it might be worth removing it, visually inspecting the seal and if you can't see any issues, refit/reseat and see if the issue continues. (My 1.8 TDCI is a pain in the backside for this if I'm not careful when servicing). I agree with Stef though, that the fact it eventually runs for extended periods without issue means it more likely to be a sensor issue or at least not an issue with the fuel filter.
  12. A Terraclean transformed (at the time) my 110K mile 1.8 TDCi to virtually feeling brand new, it also lowered my 'smoke' reading to well blow the UK MOT pass mark. Your engine is the older version of mine and once Terracleaned, benefits from having the EGR valve blanked (15 minute job and a £5 part of ebay) to stop all the hot, sooty air getting blown back through the engine.
  13. Although the interior in your Golf may feel a little more premium than the Focus, take a Focus out for a thrash on some windy roads and you'll soon 'feel' the difference in terms of steering feedback, cornering grip etc.
  14. Ford's have something called 'SmartCharge' which basically just means the alternator can put 15v into the battery, where as most other brands of car only put in 14v. Rather than lead/acid batteries which would be boiled by the higher input, cars with SmartCharge need a different type of battery silver/calcium I think. The fact the alternator is putting out 15v is potentially a good sign because it likely it's still doing it's job. To really test it you do with having all the lights on, heated screens front and back turned on and AC to really load it up, then have the alternator output tested. Because it might be that the alternator fails to deliver the correct output when put under heavy load, or it could just be the ability of the battery to hold a charge is poor i.e. the battery is knackered.
  15. Why not use the data in the owners guide?