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  1. Yes but a stronger gearbox would cut into Ford's profit margin
  2. Focus MK2 noise/vibration under acceleration

    My wife's MK2.5 1.8 petrol had a snapped exhaust hanger and it caused similar symptoms to what has been described above. I'd been imagining something rather more serious/expensive so I was well happy with the solution being a 5 minute welding job by the garage!
  3. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    I still can't believe that all Focus weren't fitted with the engine cover as standard...it's not like it will have cost much to make!
  4. Focus MK2 noise/vibration under acceleration

    off the top of my head I can't remember how many mounts there are on a MK2 (not jut engine mounts). In terms of the mounts that you have changed, have you changed the one that holds the gearbox steady? I ask because I know someone that had similar symptoms to yours and it was due to the gearbox being about to twist a little bit when either heavy throttle was initially applied on in the low gears (where the gears are shortest).
  5. Remaping

    Don't double post mate, it's annoying for everyone involved!
  6. New Battery

    I've got the same engine as you on a 05 plate, the original battery lasted 10 years before it died so other than possibly having it tested I wouldn't worry about it too much at this point. In terms of possible replacement Varta and Bosch are the same batteries, made in the same factory, the Bosch S5 range come with a 5 year warranty but are rather pricey. However the equivalent Varta battery in the largest capacity that will fit in the car can be found online for less than £90.
  7. Auto locking doors

    My previous employer prohibited staff leaving company devices on seats i.e. if you were driving the devices either had to be in the front or in the boot.
  8. Coolant use.

    Glad you got it sorted mate, always good if it's a nice cheap fix!
  9. Auto locking doors

    Unless someone lives in Johannesburg and is worried about getting car jacked, I've never really understood why people would want this feature. I'd always thought that in the unfortunate case that you're involved in a crash, I rather not risk having the door locks frozen in the locked position. It might be the difference (in a side impact) between being able to force the door open and not. Obviously it's each to their own (maybe some fold live in a particularly rough area like Hull/Blackpool etc)
  10. Steering assist malfunction - Service required

    Battery could be fine, doesn't mean the alternator is though...it might not be charging the battery properly.
  11. Advise needed! ABS, GPS...

    Just make sure you stand your ground and ensure they fix it for free.
  12. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    No worries mate, be sure to post back with how you get on (either way).
  13. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Off the top of my head I can't remember what "units" the sensors measure in, basically they should all be pretty much reading the same values at the same time with no interruptions whilst your car is moving. I can't see all 4 being faulty so if the garage either record the telemetry or are actively comparing the 4 sensor values at the same time they should easily be able to see if something is wrong.
  14. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Never got any warnings/EML etc (it was before I bought a modified ELM cable) so it wasn't until I got my local garage to plug in their diagnostic computer that they quickly realised where the fault lay although because it worked some of the time they did end up going for a 15 minute drive whilst monitoring the telemetry.