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  1. Petrol or electric? Engine size? Last time the glow plugs/spark plugs were changed? Last time fuel filter was changed? It's a bit hard to suggest solutions without at least the 1st 2 items mate.
  2. Although I own a MK2 Focus saloon I drove loads of MK4 Mondeos in my previous job and loved them (as someone who enjoys 'driving' cars): Good points (IMHO) comfy sensible interior controls excellent steering feedback/weight doesn't feel 'heavy' when cornering even the estate can corner at frankly obscene speeds (even in the wet) feels surprisingly agile when pushed for such a big car Negatives: It's BIG (especially in estate form, car parks and in particular multi-storeys can be a test of nerve) moderate road/wind noise at high motorway speeds (although loads quieter than a MK2 Focus in the same situation) Driven both a standard (Zetec 150 BHP MK5 saloon & 180 BHP AWD Vignale estate ) Good points: Looks sexy as **** Interior is better than MK4 but not as much in the way of soft touch plastics as a good spec Passat Due to thicker glass, better insulation and noise cancellation technology from the stereo it's nice and quiet in the cabin Still offers better cornering grip than it's peers e.g. Passat/Insignia Negative: Although better than most in it's class it does feel heavier when cornering than a MK4 Mondeo Steering is fine but if you've driven a MK4 Mondeo you still know the MK5 steering doesn't have the same 'feedback' just because it's better than an Insignia The centre console plastic is fine enough but is still a bit plasticky compared to a Passat The standard headlights (halogen) are about much use at night as a candle in the wind, seriously you have to experience them on an unlit country road at night to realise just how appalling they are! (the bi-led's on the Vignale were in a different class) Changing some of the front lights in a bumper off job To a pure drivers car the MK4 wins hands down, for a solid drivers experience and more mod cons, nicer interior/exteriors looks etc the MK5 is great. If you don't give a damn about the driving experience buy an Insignia or a Passat if you're feeling flush.
  3. Fair point, it's not as if it's a really rare/in demand part like a genuine Focus RS spoiler. It's surprising how many parts Ford have on 'back order' considering how big they are
  4. Agreed....fine if you're driving like yer granny but a bit 'snappy' if pushed in the wet i.e. not a lot of warning before they stop gripping.
  5. I fitted LED reverse lights a couple of years ago (Cree SMD but the rest of the fitting/unit wasn't Cree) it makes a massive difference when reversing (my MK2 Focus is a saloon so reversing in the dark can sometimes prove a little 'interesting'). Several Mondeo owners on the forum have previous stated they've replaced their reversing lights with LED without issue, although I'm not sure exactly what brand bulb they bought because some LED car bulb have a resistor integrated within the housing the minimise the chance of issues such as flickering on cars that use a CANBUS for the external lights.
  6. Welcome. The good news for you is the 1.8 TDCI does NOT have a DPF so you don't have to worry about blocking it from making lots of short journeys. That said you're unlikely to see the MPG benefits of having a diesel unless the bulk of your journeys allow the engine to get up to temperature fairly early in the journey. Ignoring the potential MPG benefits, even just doing short journeys at least you enjoy the nice 'pushed in the back' feeling when you boot it and the turbo kicks in :D lol I've got this engine in a MK2 Focus saloon on a 05 plate, 128K miles on the clock and all the engine bits (injectors, turbo, fuel pump) are all original, just make sure you change the oil, oil filter and fuel filter every year. Diesels quite quickly dirty their oil and you don't want all that crap being circulated round your engine for 3 years (or however long between changes). The engine block is cast iron rather than aluminium so although it makes the engine a bit heavier (bad) it also makes it rather 'sturdy/durable' (good) Basically let the engine get up to temp before booting it, do the previously mentioned service items every 12 months and unless you're really unlucky you really shouldn't have any major issues with this engine (there was an issue in 2008-2009 when Siemens provided some crap injectors but that was issue with the parts not the engine design). Oh and the people on the forum are a friendly lot so don't be afraid to ask questions mate.
  7. There is a major difference, once fits properly and the wrong one will need you to bend your drop links out of shape to fit. My saloon takes the same once as a MK2 ST (best way I could describe it is it's got a 'kink' in it) garage fitted the straight one and knackered the drop links by forcing them through at an angle. One of my previous threads illustrates the difference between the 2 lower arm types:
  8. WOW...simply stunning
  9. Sorry to hear the news mate, you're REALLY unlucky to have an issue with the fuel system on a MK2 1.8 TDCi, makes me wonder if the replacement pump was a pattern part rather than genuine. Don't forgot to let us all know what you move on to.
  10. No worries, although the 1.8 TDCI isn't quite a 'refined' as the 2.0 TDCI it does have the benefit of not having a DPF and the head is cast iron rather than aluminium so it's rather 'sturdy'
  11. The glowplug light will always illuminate initially when you turn on the electrics, even if you had just turned the engine off after a journey where the engine had got up to temperature. Good luck and post back with your findings, there's plenty of helpful folk on here
  12. I also thought the 1.8 TDCI stopped as MK2.5. Diesel for MK3 was 1.6 & 2.0 TDCI, MK3.5 now also has 1.5 TDCI.
  13. Blanked my 1.8 TDCI about 18 months ago, no issues, runs a bit better at low revs than before.
  14. The De-Carbonising one.
  15. I can only speak from my own experience but my 1.8 TDCI engine with 121 miles on the clock (at the time it was Terracleaned) was running crap (rough idle, didn't rev as freely as when I bought it, lots of soot when booting it, pipes coked up (thanks to the wife running it on Morrisons diesel which has more crappy BIO-diesel in it than other brands). I had it done at a garage that has a good reputation locally for doing a Terraclean properly, in the 9-10 months since I've had it done it still runs great and I've not had any issues due to having the old carbon build up removed. I'm confident the basic science behind it works because I took at picture of one of the inside of one of the pipes which was constricted by about 50%, afterwards it was how it should be.