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  1. If the red cog warning has been on then there should be at least one DTC (error code) stored in the ECU. You to get the codes read by either a garage/auto electrician or yourself using a modified ELM cable and software called Forscan. There is plenty of info within the forum on using an ELM cable and Forscan. The error codes don't always give a precise answer as to what is specifically causing the problem but it gives you/us a starting point. MK3 Focus instrumentation clusters are known for failing which can cause all sorts of weird behaviour but you really need to get a list of the codes that are stored and work from there.
  2. Isn't that a brand of bottled water?
  3. Hi mate, welcome to the forum. I've had the 1.8 TDCI in a MK2 saloon for the last 5 years, it doesn't have a diesel particulate filter (which is good thing because it can't get clogged up). It's not as 'refined' when cold as the 1.6 or 2.0 Peugeot units i.e. it sounds a little tractorlike but it's basically bulletproof, as with any diesel make sure you change the fuel filter, oil filter and oil every year, it's the life blood of your engine. Mine's on 130K miles and all the expensive bits are still original i.e. turbo, injectors, fuel pump, clutch and dual mass flywheel. The MK2 Focus suffers from rust at the bottom of the front wings and to a lesser degree the sills so run your hand along both and give them a good tap to check they're solid. Other than that make sure you boot it at least once on the test drive to make sure it pulls well and the turbo doesn't whistle. If you can here a loud whistling it's probably the turbo on the way out and give it a miss. Also, if you can feel a knocking/tapping when holding the clutch pedal in, give it a wide birth (a decent LUK brand clutch and DMF fitted will be the best part of a grand). The above parts are just general advice for diesels and not anything that is a specific weakness on the 1.8 TDCI. Don't be afraid to walk away and have a think before deciding (if needed it gives you the chance to post back after the test drive if there is something you're not sure about). Good luck with the test drive and don't forget to post back with pics if you do buy it!
  4. Used a piggy back fuse to run from the 20 amp cig lighter (always on) up through the centre console to the head unit, now everything works again. When pushing the unit back the unit kept flicking on and off but was fine once back in place, I suspect that there is at least 1 broken wire in the loom but it is somewhere in the section that is is hidden so I'll live with it!
  5. I agree with Iantt, that looks exactly like bits of the DMF. When you press the clutch pedal in can you feel a vibration of a 'tapping' through the clutch pedal? (or is it still an non-starter?)
  6. Everything works as it should apart from the 2 positive feeds in the loom behind the head unit. Will check the external box tomorrow. Cheers
  7. Hi all, After the car went smoothly through it's MOT (after it had a front wheel bearing replaced, that I knew needed doing) I though I was good to go. This morning the car had other ideas, the car drives fine but there is no power to the aftermarket Sony head unit that has been fitted for around 3 years. I've tested the various sections of wiring from the head unit back to the car side of the quad lock and the wiring is good (I used the front courtesy light wiring to to power my 'tests'). I also put connecting blocks on the wiring before the quadlock and this also worked perfectly so we can rule out the quadlock itself as being the culprit. The issue seems to be that there's no power being supplied to either the permanent live or the 'switched' supply (at least in terms of the loom that is for the head unit). I've checked all the fuses in the footwell GEM and all look good. Does anyone have any bright ideas? (the GEM is dry, no signs of water ingress etc). If I can't find the culprit and fix it I'll have to look at tapping into a different feed but it'll need to be permanently on rather than switched. When I carbon wrapped a few bits previously I'm sure I found a spare loom on the passenger side (I assumed it was for electric seats, if so does anyone know if the feed for the electric seats in permanent live or if not what other options I have in terms of tapping into a permanent live?). Does anyone know if the 'cig lighter' in permanent live? Thanks in advance for any bright suggestions.
  8. It's typically the same type of people that de-ice a 1ft by 1ft square in the windscreen and set off driving with all the other windows still frozen up and 4" of snow on the roof!
  9. Don't look inside, I looked inside mine pre-Terraclean and nearly had a heart attack! It was approximately 40% restricted (it didn't help with the wife putting ***** Morrisons crappy 7% bio-diesel in it)
  10. Yup, mine has been blanked for a couple of years now with no issues. Only took the blank off temporarily for a Terraclean and never looked back! (130K miles and still original turbo, injectors, high pressure pump, clutch and DMF....hope I'm not tempting fate, lol)
  11. Unfortunately on this engine (I've got one) the EGR is part of the manifold and the sadistic T**T at Ford that designed it clearly designed it to make it far more work than it should be to remove!
  12. lol
  13. The external ones are a pig to remove without snapping any of the 3 lugs that hold it in place, it also has factory applied adhesive to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. I'd say if you're going to remove them, be prepared to potentially have to replace them.
  14. Turning off the rear heated windows won't defrost the front any quicker, the alternator can easily provide the full power both need at the same time. The only way it would be quicker would be if the alternator didn't have the capacity to fully power both at the same time (which isn't the case).
  15. I fitted 3 and now I need sunglasses!