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  1. I use 16" Nokian Weatherproofs (205/55R16), usually around £65 each inc delivery online, decent dry weather grip, very good wet weather and awesome snow grip. I've had them fitted for around 15 months and there is still plenty of tread remaining, despite my preference for cornering on 2 wheels
  2. What was the issue with the original unit? Did it behave similarly or did it just 'die'?
  3. I did this a few weeks ago and it improved reception significantly
  4. In experience at least, that kind of behaviour was a symptom of the alternator being on it's way out (it didn't help that the alternator had been trying to charge the original 10 year old Motorcraft battery). If it's only done it once then it might just be a glitch and you'll probably be fine driving it, although if it does it again it might be time to start looking at solutions. (you don't want to be going round a corner and have the ECU decide the PAS isn't getting enough juice and turn if off)
  5. Nice one. Also to test the alternator you need to put some load on it i.e. front and back heated screens on (if you have both), all lights internal and external on, a/c on with the engine running. The smartcharge system should keep the reading around 13.8-14v if memory serves me correctly. Before I replaced the alternator, running this test dropped the voltage to 11.5v with the engine running
  6. Wow, 230K miles. I assume the clutch and DMF have been replaced at least once?
  7. The fuel type and engine size would be helpful, as well as confirmation that your car is a MK2 i.e.looks a bit like a 2004 Mondeo from the front? (2nd half of 2004 was the cross over from MK1 to MK2).
  8. Mine started to do that intermittently when the alternator and battery were on the way out. If the ECU doesn't think that any electrical system i.e. ESP, PAS etc isn't getting sufficient power it will disable it rather than have the system fail to function correctly whilst driving. It might just have been a one of glitch but it might be worth getting your alternator and battery tested (you can use the dashboard trick to check the alternator output).
  9. I've seen a few MK3s kicking about with a lower valance on the rear that is styled a little bit like the ST. It's clearly not the ST valance, maybe it's 'Zetec-S' or some sort of 'appearance pack'. I drive a MK2 but I'm sure a few of the many MK3 drivers on here will be along shortly to help.
  10. 16" Nokian Weatherproof (all 4 corners), immense snow and heavy wet weather performance and solid dry weather performance. In the dry it is possible to induce understeer whilst cornering but only if I'm really being a bit of a spanner with the loud pedal. Despite the rubber being quiet soft and me liking to corner on 2 wheels the fronts don't really seem to have worn much in the 15 months they have been fitted. I had cheapo no name tyres on before the Nokians and they were quite noisy, the Nokians don't seem noisy to me but I guess it depends what you are 'used to'.
  11. Ah, that will be 'Sync 4' then?
  12. Although I've serviced the engine bits each year I've owned my car, I didn't do the pollen filter until year 3. Replacing it made an amazing difference to the airflow, although it is irritatingly fiddly to replace (especially the 1st time).
  13. I've got a MK2 and I agree that the cluster display isn't that bright. However unless mine has the sun shining directly on it, it is still readable. If you can post a picture then I'm sure you'll get prompt feedback.