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  1. Funny...lol, thankfully not!
  2. ALL of Saturday and Sunday, I reckon at least 15 hours. Now I've done it once I reckon it would would probably take less than 10 hours the 2nd time round because I wouldn't have to keep skipping around to and from various sections of the damn Haynes manual!
  3. Needed the car for work and didn't think to have another 5 litres of the long life stuff ready. I'll not be doing it again, I'd rather pit up with no heating in December than do that again!
  4. She's back together again and all mi buttons still work...she even drives proper too, lol. I'm just waiting for some more long life anti-freeze to arrive and I'll connect up the matrix to the main cooling system (it's the only bit I've got left to do), so "technically" I still don't have heating in my car! IF the replacement matrix itself leaks after all I've gone through to fit the replacement, I think I really will murder someone! I also replaced the heater fan resistor because mine had started only working on positions 3 and 4, that's also working properly again so although it was a LONG and slightly scary weekend, it seems to have all been worth it.
  5. mondeo zete s alloys on focus

    I don't recall seeing any pics of those wheels installed on a MK2 Focus by anyone on here mate. What size are they?
  6. Fuel Flap alignment Focus 3.5

    If you "fiddle" with anything and later need to make a warranty claim in relation the filler flap, if Ford in your country and anything like Ford UK they'll use it as a reason to deny the claim. As stated about there isn't really much you can adjust, other than checking it's sat in the hinges correctly. I think you're going to have to go to a dealer, I'm sure I recall at least 1 post on here where someone had the same issue and Ford fitted a replacement flap which resolved the issue.
  7. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    It depends which engine variant he had in his SRi. Parkers.co.uk shows the car was available with the turbo 1.6 petrol that you've listed specs from in your post, but also a N/A 1.6 petrol as shown below. (Which is predictably a LOT slower) Power 113 bhp Top Speed 120 mph 0-60 mph 10.8 secs Torque 155 Nm, 114 ft-lb Not having a turbo makes the big difference we'd all expect and with Pebbleheed stating the EB Focus was much more lively than his old Astra I'd be leaning towards his old Astra being the N/A version. If it wasn't then I think it's safe to say that there was something from with his old car!
  8. Hi new member

    I don't know what you've driven before mate but in terms of cornering agility and general chuckability you can't get much better than a MK3.5 ST Line (unless you pony up the serious money for a RS or ST!). Interior is a bit dated (the plastics haven't really changed much since the MK3 came out, the black centre console plastic is a bit sheeet but pretty solid overall with no apparent issues with switch gear wearing out over time. You'll enjoy the performance of the 1.5 Ecoboost engine although be prepared for how ridiculously optimistic Ford's official MPG is. Oh and yours looks very nice is red with the gun metal alloys....ENJOY!
  9. Ford focus 1.6tdci dpf

    Even though the facelift MK2 will likely have the newer and more robust cDPF it wouldn't take long making the kind of journeys you've described, for it to get blocked up. As iaatt said, get a petrol, although the VED might be a little higher it doesn't have a lot of the expensive bits on it that can go wrong on a diesel.
  10. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Just me 2 peneth on Ford OEM wheels. My experience with "Ford" alloys is they're actually rather "soft", prone to buckling easily (look at the many reported cases of badly buckled Fiesta wheels over the the years, sometimes all FOUR wheels on the same car?!?) and really not worth paying full whack for....Obviously Ford aren't the only company too have suffered with this, BMW have had their fair share of issues with cracked alloy wheels. Seeing as genuine Ford alloys are often more expensive than good brand OE wheels, I'd personally look towards a good quality OE wheel, although I get that lots of people like the "factory" look which is obviously difficult to get with OE wheels such as BBS. Ultimately it's each to their own choice, oh and by the way I think both sets of alloys look nice, especially the gun metal RS style wheels
  11. As promised, here's the carnage! What have I done? Lol 🙈
  12. You the man, I'll be of check my socket set (and most likely have to pick one up at that size). I know Ford have a habit of fannying about changing little bits but hopefully they didn't decide o start fitting a different size at some point of the production run. Thanks again mate, I'll be sure to post a picture of the mess when I get it all pulled out!
  13. Morning all, I've searched the forum but couldn't find anywhere where someone had asked this before. I'm going to attempt a significant job (dash out) to fit a replacement heater matrix, long story but the matrix itself is knacked and doesn't have the jointed pipe (it's all in one) so it's all going to have to come out if I don't want to be cold this winter! I've think I've got all the tools I need apart from a socket that will definitely fit the retaining/locking nut for the steering wheel. Basically I'm trying to ensure I have all the tools before I start pulling stuff apart, to avoid having to run to Halfords in a rush to pick up some obscure item. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Another Powershift problem, starting the process

    I'd keep an eye on this thread as several of the guys have access to Ford TSBs etc and are sometimes able to provide specific info that can be used to beat a dealer into submission