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  1. Thanks mate, I figured that it would affect all cars with the Lynx engine installed 08-09 but nice to have it confirmed. If I do upgrade to a MK4 Mondeo I'll be sure to avoid the 'bad' years as per an equivalent Focus.
  2. On a semi related note, does anyone know if the MK3 Mondeo with the same engine also suffered from the bad batches of injectors in 08-09?
  3. On a vaguely related note, I've been using EBC Yellowstuff for last 18 months without any issues. No squealing, good stopping power when cold and even better once warm.
  4. I'd be amazed if you could find a MK2/2.5 with less than 25K on the clock. MK2 5 cylinder engine is more thirsty than the MK3 2 litre 4 cylinder but sounds great. There are also a lot of MK2.5's on Autotrader that have been looked after and had money spent fitting uprated RS parts such as clutch and DMF.
  5. Might be due to bad rep the DV6 engine got in the MK2 and 2.5 Focus (as well the Volvos and french cars it was fitted it) it had a lovely habit of starving the turbo of oil and turbo go bang .
  6. Seriously???...I wouldn't even drive on onto my ramps to change the oil!
  7. I thought courtesy wipe was in relation to using the screenwashers not ignition i.e. once you've used the screenwashers and the wipers have finished swiping over the windscreen, the 'courtesy wipe' then sweeps the screen a final time to clear any dribbles (after a delay of approx. 10 seconds from when the user stops using the screenwashers).
  8. very nice
  9. Drove the diesel for a week and been a passenger in the petrol. IMHO: Diesel Plenty fast enough to 'make progress' and execute brisk overtakes Doesn't seem to handle much different to the petrol When driven sensibly can deliver 50 MPG Petrol Faster than the diesel but a LOT more thirsty, especially when driven how it 'should' be FUN!!! Will run through front tyres even quicker than the diesel if it's driven how it should be The diesel has a DPF so to avoid problems with it clogging up you need to be doing at least one decent run a week, if not or you generally just do short runs, get the petrol and enjoy the speed!
  10. Keep us all posted mate.
  11. Keep us all posted mate.
  12. Granted, but even thrashing around some national speed limit A roads it can do 50+ MPG whilst providing more than enough performance to deal with overtaking the old folks in their purple Honda Jazz's that are out for a leisurely sunday drive
  13. As mentioned early, make sure the correct type of battery is fitted. If a 'regular' lead acid battery is fitted, the SmartCharge system will boil it over time and you'll have another dead battery.
  14. I'd say she has good taste then!
  15. Yes but I'd be rather worried about how long the gearbox will last if you go ahead. I've got a 1.8 TDCi and it's an old school rattly old thing. The gearbox isn't meant to deal with those kind of vibrations, that's what the DMF is for.