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  1. 08 Ford Focus Style Armrest

    I don't think you can, if you look at the hinge from the back (not seen in the pic) you see where Ford has plastic welded the unit.
  2. Focus Starting issue

    Although some folk like to think glow plugs are just for a cold start, I had major starting problems when I 1st got mine.  The glow plugs were thoroughly spannered, only 1 worked (just) & when my car did fire up it looked like Del Boy's van for the 1st 20 seconds.
  3. Lines on trip compute screen at start up

    Definitely take it in so it's recorded on their records, at least that way if they give you the run around or it breaks fully in 3 months time you have proof of when you reported it so you can take the approach that they should have fixed it within the 3 month warranty.   They may be fine & fix it 1st time round but it's easy to not get around to taking it in, before you know it the warranty has expired & you can't prove when it started acting up.
  4. focus 1.6 tdci issues

  5. Power steering reservoir

    Depending on the system fitted some power steering systems are supposed to last for the "Lifetime" of the vehicle which is why they aren't always referred to in the owners book.  My MK2 1.8 TDCI has a "sealed" PAS system, it can be topped up but not as easily as system that has been designed to be topped up as part of servicing/maintenance etc.
  6. lights out

    Mines a MK2 so the owners book might have a different level of detail regarding identifying what fuse does what.  have you checked the part of the your owners guide that identifies what each fuse does?  This may not help that much because the descriptions tend to be generalised but worth checking if you haven't already.
  7. lights out

    With so many lights out it's surely got to be a fuse, otherwise you would have to be the unluckiest bloke in the world for all those LEDs to fail at the same time!
  8. Canbus Or Not

    Does a 2005 MK2 also have a CANBUS? (Slight thread highjack)
  9. Rear Anti-Roll Bar Links-Focus Mk2

    I recently had to replace mine, the MK2 can be fitted with 2 different lower arms, each arm type uses 1 but not the other type of anti-roll bar link. If you can post a picture of your lower suspension arm we'll be able to advise which links you need. Basically is your lower arm basically has a "kink" in it you need the ones in the 1st picture, if the arm is "straight" you want the 2nd ones.
  10. Mk2 Alternator

    I think in part it dependS what engine you've got, the diesels have larger, more powerful alternators (in general). My Denso alternator started to wear out at 115K miles on my 1.8 TDCI, it was still working however put dipped under load.
  11. Coolant Leaking From Odd Location

    The are loads of knowledgeble & friendly guys on here mate so don't be afraid to shout up.
  12. The Difference A Day Makes!

    Wow....what did you clean that with?
  13. Removing A Mk2 Front Wing

    Cheers mate, you're a star!
  14. Removing A Mk2 Front Wing

    Good idea (using the ebay pics from the replacements to judge bolt locations).
  15. Diesels

    I agree to a point but some modern diesels deliver an excellent balance of economy & performance. I've been driving a diesel ST-2 for the last week & when driven sensibly it's been returning 49 MPG (confirmed at the pumps) but can still deliver performance (with an economy hit) if I decide to drive it like i stole it I accept some diesel engines, especially some of the lower output units are a waste of time considering the hassles involved. On a more depressing note my 7 day test drive is coming to an end tomorrow so this is what I'll feel like tomorrow once the car's been collected!