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  1. Mine is one touch both ways, I reckon the guys who's cars are only 1 touch down need to do the window reset procedure as mentioned by Schmill.
  2. Bite point on MK2 Focus is basically always 'high', it's self adjusting as the clutch wear and it's just how Ford set them up.
  3. And I'd tell them that my trade is also 'discretionary' a threaten to walk out
  4. I'm not sure the Focus stop/start is linked to the handbrake as the models I have driven in the last year were happy to 'Stop' when the car was barely moving i.e. like 2 MPH maximum. Beyond the parameters around engine temp and battery charge etc, it seemed that the the Stop/Start system was happy to activate as long as the car was out of gear and either stationary or virtually stationary. (I only found this out from getting repeatedly stuck on the M1!).
  5. 100% agree, although my MK2 facelift isn't as bad for wind noise as my pre-facelift saloon.
  6. I've driven 8+ (hire cars) MK3 facelift Focus with the 125BHP 1 litre engine and none of them behaved like that. I'd said get it back in the garage whilst it's under warranty.
  7. That wouldn't be very hard would it?
  8. Sorry to hear that mate, I'm sure I speak for all the regulars on here in wishing you a speed recovery!
  9. Wasn't that for the 1.5 diesel not petrol? (i.e not an Ecoboost engine)
  10. Keep us all posted mate
  11. AND in recent years, Ford Powershift (dry) clutches have had a habit of crapping out after just a few thousand miles!
  12. Good news mate, keep us all posted.
  13. My MK2 saloon (1.8 TDCI) is still going strong 134K miles on the clock, all the expensive bits are still original. Just had wear and tear items such as a couple of coil springs, bushes, discs/pads, battery, alternator etc. It seems the MK2 can be a reliable workhorse if looked after.