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  1. Another Powershift problem, starting the process

    I'd keep an eye on this thread as several of the guys have access to Ford TSBs etc and are sometimes able to provide specific info that can be used to beat a dealer into submission
  2. Another Powershift problem, starting the process

    I was firmly under the impression that the "extended" warranty was also for the "box", I'd be digging my heels in if needed. Even if you do end up looking to part ex, the better the car runs, the more money you'll get for it!
  3. Mk2 Focus Front Break discs Size

    I've got Brembo discs currently and they've been spot on, quite a few people on here have used Mintex with success, it seems that they are probably the best option if you're looking for maximum "bang for your buck".
  4. Sat Nav Maps

    Because they're Ford
  5. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    It really should wear the engine out any quicker, as "proper" remap will still be within the limits specified by Ford. As long as you still do the sensible stuff like oil changes, letting the engine warm up before booting it then it should impact the lifespan of the engine. The clutch however could be another story, even if the power is kept within Ford's tolerances, if you start making use of the extra performance more frequently it may wear the clutch more quickly. Quite a few guys on here have had their 1.0 Ecoboost engine remapped and I can't recall seeing as posts about an obvious mechanical issues as a result of the remap.
  6. Ford Focus Lynx 1.8 TDCI 2009

    I've got a 05 plate saloon with the same engine that has just passed 140K miles, still on the same injectors, turbo, DMF, clutch, fuel pump etc. Cambelt is due 100K miles/10 years whichever is sooner so if that hasn't been done yet, get it done, if the belt or tensioner goes you'll be saying "see ya" to a working engine. In the 6 years I've owned it, its only had wear and tear items and not having a DPF is a massive bonus. The Lynx engine itself has a reputation for being mechanically bulletproof as long as the oil has been changed when it should have been. The only exception to this that I can think of is the crap batches of injectors that Siemens supplied to Ford back in 2009, although if you've got the "crap" ones they usually fail within 40K miles. Personally I'd say do the belt/tensioner/water pump if they haven't been done and keep running her, she'll not be worth a huge amount now as part ex and if she starts dropping bills regularly you still have the option of getting rid.
  7. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    It's very rare of the heater matrix itself to "fail", 9 out of 10 times (if not more) it's the sodding O-Rings!
  8. Rear arm bushes

    Replacing a broken rear coil spring (previously) also ended up with a new lower arm being fitted does to the crappy captive bushes that had seized! MOT is due in January, car still drives without any obvious knocking so I think I'll leave it and see if it passes. If parts of the rear subframe are seized the bill could easily push past £500 for both sides doing, on a car worth just £700 it would be difficult to justify it.
  9. Hi all, The wife's MK2.5 1.8 petrol Focus seems to be misbehaving. Basically when changing gear the car continues to rev as if the throttle is still being applied (for about a second or so). Basically when I come off the power and press the clutch, the revs will typically increase by 200-300 RPM for a second or so, before starting to drop down again. The revs seems to be a little slow to drop as well, although I'm used to driving a TDCi so tat might just be me. I'm wanting to get it sorted as it can't be doing the clutch plate any good. So far I've carried out the following steps to try and resolve it without any major success: Removed the throttle body, given it a good clean (it was covered in black crud internally), cleared the learned values using Forscan and following the reinitialisation procedure. (the car drives a little more smoothly but gear changes still don't "feel" right. Forscan telemetry confirmed that the throttle pedal position is being reported correctly with no lag. The difference between the requested throttle body position and its actual position is less than 1%, it also adjusts quickly so it doesn't appear that the butterfly valve is sticking. Has anyone got any further suggestions, I know this engine doesn't have an ICV so I guess I'd need to be looking at hoses (oh and there is not noticeable hissing when the throttle is applied). EDIT: I've found several references online to the "Power Steering Pressure Switch" sometimes causing this issue, any thoughts? Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated!
  10. Rear arm bushes

    Well I WAS planning on replacing the arms as a whole unit.....UNTIL I SAW FOrd want £150+ PER ARM!
  11. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    A replacement O-Ring is cheap from Ford but it's a fiddly nightmare trying to get the pipes pushed back together to get the locking clip on once a new o-ring/seal has been installed. The article linked earlier gives an excellent guide as to how to tackle the job yourself.
  12. Cracked bumper -mot issue?

    How have you managed to scrape both sides of your front bumper, have you been letting yer missus drive?
  13. Focus Titanium X

    I'm liking the pearlescent blue, I've started seeing as few more kicking about recently, although it's still a pretty rare colour.
  14. DPF advice please

    I'm sorry to say but your garage has flat out lied to you. The diesel engines in the MK3 all have a cDPF i.e. a ceramic one that doesn't need the additional fluid injecting into the DPF to aid burn off. There isn't anywhere on your car for them to "fill up" the DPF fluid so they are flat out lying. Do you have an invoice where they have charged you for refilling the DPF fluid?
  15. Mondeo 1.8 TDCI (2008 model) Rattle

    Opm has put the engine in the title (1.8 TDCi) Lynx engine, I'm no expert on compression figures but there seems to be a massive difference between the cylinders. Other more knowledgeable folk will no doubt be along shortly to advise further.