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  1. Mine started to run like crap. I got a lovely wooshing noise when on boost, a lot less acceleration than normal, it started to run rich and wouldn't coast at idle i.e. in 1st or 2nd the car would normally plod along at idle revs with no throttle applied. It might not be the only thing misbehaving on your car. However looking at your picture it must be a decent sized split to spray oil over the coolant reservoir and engine cover. If I was you I'd get it changed, take the car for a good thrash for 10-15 minutes i.e. 3.5K RPM on the motorway in 4th (commonly referred to on this forum as an 'Italian Tune Up') and report back how you get on.
  2. As Dee_82 said, the engine is solid as a rock (the head is cast iron rather than lighter but softer aluminium). I'm on 130K, all original clutch, DMF, turbo, injectors etc. Despite what Ford say most people with the 1.8 TDCI engine on here say new cambelt and tensioner every 80K miles otherwise you might well have a VERY bad day! A bit of recent service history would be good (mainly oil changes to keep engine wear to a minimum). For me I'd say the main potential worries would be the state of the many suspension bushes in terms of being perished and also check the bottom of the front wings, the sills and the front of the rear wheel arches for rust.
  3. What MPG are you getting and what types of journeys each month?
  4. I did mine 2-3 years ago mate, it's often referred to as 'EGR hose', virtually everyone on the forum who has had the issue has replaced the hose with a cheaper but more robust silicon version. See ebay/amazon (example below)
  5. As Dezwez pointed out, smoothing out the many vibrations produced by diesel engines is exactly what DMF's are for. I hope things go well with the mobile mechanic because £130 labour seems really low considering the clutch and gearbox need to come out i.e. it's pretty much a days work. Don't forget to let us all know how you get on.
  6. To be honest, although 800 quid is 800 quid, that seems like a decent price including fitting a new DMF. To be honest it's usually the DMF that lets go before the clutch on most diesels. There are a couple of other items that usually get done at the same time (whilst the engine and gearbox are out of the car). If you ask the garage to list out all the parts in writing and post it on here, we can check if they're doing all the bits they should be.
  7. No worries mate, I've got the 1.8 TDCI which is a totally different engine. However having been kicking around this forum for 5 years I'd say the only recurring issue that pops up would be the DPF (diesel particulate filter), thankfully on the newer cars it's a ceramic type and doesn't need the fluid replacing periodically. Other than making sure it gets a decent run out at least once a fortnight I can't think of anything else specific to the newer version of the engine to be honest and don't neglect the annual service, modern diesels really don't like knackered old fuel filters! One of the guys with more knowledge than me will no doubt be along shortly to advise on cambelt replacement intervals etc.
  8. Diesel or petrol mate?
  9. I've got the same engine in a MK2 Focus saloon, the usual culprit for splitting is a small 90 degree bent pipe at the top left hand side of the engine which connects to the EGR, it usually splits on the underside. Most replace the Ford part with a cheaper but more robust silicon part.
  10. I'm surprised you didn't get more responses mate, this forum is full of smart and friendly people (normally). Glad to hear it's sorted out!
  11. VERY nice!
  12. CS-J620X JVC CS J620x, just remember you'll also need cable adapters and 6.5" adapter surrounds to seal the speakers properly to the door.
  13. Yup, just replaced the rears in mine with some cheap JVC's which run rings around the original speakers.
  14. If it's the main 'high pressure' pump then I wouldn't expected much change from £600 for a brand new one
  15. Also I believe most of the recent Powershift gearboxes are 'dry clutch' and not very reliable (they're prone to overheating). Ford USA is currently dealing with ongoing litigation regarding them and I don't think any of the more recent Ford's are available with an old school auto i.e. torque converter type box.