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  1. Wow, BARGAIN! If a pair of rear MK2 calipers are all the same variant I reckon I'll go ahead with buying a refurb kit, some 'used' calipers off Fleabay and see how I get on. If I do decide to go ahead I'll probably take a few pictures in case it helps anyone else thinking about doing the same.
  2. So he has. I look at your signature when I replied, lol!
  3. Hi all, Having previously had the pins greased my rear calipers are starting to bind slightly (again) and I don't really fancy the cost of replacement or paying a company to refurbish my existing parts which would leave my car off the road for a week or so. So I'm looking to use the opportunity for a bit of learning and have a go at fitting a refurbishing kit on a cheap, used set of rear calipers via ebay. That way I can just swap them over without losing the use of my car whilst they are being refurbished professionally. To avoid me having to jack up the car several times to check the exact Ford part numbers (I know this is slightly lazy considering the work I'm looking at doing!) do any of the guys with access to Ford's parts system (Microcat etc) know if the rear calipers on a MK2 Focus are the same regardless of whether it is a hatchback, estate or saloon. I'm hoping they are so I can just go and order some without worring about getting the right variant of caliper.
  4. It's often cheaper to get a non factory system i.e. Pioneer/Sony etc, I just picked up a Pioneer DAB head unit, DAB powered windscreen aerial, patch cable (for steering wheel controls) and Pioneer mic for just over £100 used off ebay. If you choose the factory option you need to ensure the parts have part numbers within certain ranges and I'm not sure if anything will need to be 'activated' software wise with your car being a MK3.5.
  5. Yes mate, the aux port is 'powered' by the radio/head unit.
  6. On a vaguely related note....Morrisons diesel is utter crap (seeing as it's priced comparably to other supermarkets diesel). Morrisons use the full 7% permissible bio-diesel content when others only use 5%, meaning the fuel doesn't burn as well as the others and it does a marvellous job of coking up a diesel (even quicker than would usually be the case running diesel with a maximum of 5% bio-diesel content). (RANT OVER) lol
  7. Then you've already made your decision, there are only to 'names' to choose from!
  8. Then you've already made your decision, there are only to 'names' to choose from!
  9. Although both versions will do the job, the 125BHP has a 6 speed box as well as more performance which should motorway 'cruising' a more pleasant experience. (The longer 6th gear should mean you are revving lower at 70MPH so less fuel is used).
  10. Is the dct 250 the one that is also fitted to the Fiesta in 1.6 petrol form?
  11. Have you had the scanner connected whilst the EML is illuminated as not all codes are stored, some are on 'visible' to a reader when being displayed on the dash.
  12. Make sure it isn't a Powershift Auto!
  13. I recent cleaned the throttle body on the MK2.5 1.8 petrol that I bought the wife as the car was hanging onto revs. The throttle body was BLACK inside but a can of carb cleaner and few washing up scrubbers saw to that. I'm not sure how easy it is to remove on the old 1.6 engine but I'm sure some of the more knowledgeable people will be along shortly to walk you through it!
  14. Unless you want to pay Ford prices I'd suggest scrappies on ebay.
  15. I had mine off my MK2 1.8 TDCI for a couple of months when I replacing the front wings due to rust. The engine bay way minging just for driving for a couple of months without the tray on, I'd get one cheap from a scrappy sooner rather than later mate.