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  1. She did get lumpy before I blanked the EGR, the engine was all coked up but a Terraclean followed by blanking the EGR got rid of that problem!
  2. Very nice...apart form the ESP cost obviously!
  3. To a degree it depends on which engine
  4. Just done mine at the weekend as part of the annual service and using my current method has worked 1st time since I starting doing it this way 3 years ago. Leave the 2 pipes connected at the top of the filter Fully unscrew the collar Gently move the collar out of the way to allow access to the filter Remove the full filter assembly Remove the filter Tip out the old filter to ensure any water is removed Remove the plug in the middle of the filter (if there is one) Pop the new filter in the housing including the replacement filter seal Keep filling with diesel a bit at a time until it's well soaked (about 40 seconds usually does the trick for me) Place the filter assembly back in place Give the filter a final top up (don't worry if a bit spills it won't do any harm) Refit the filter top, ensuring the collar is correctly seated As mentioned earlier, since I start doing it this way she fires 1st time just like a normal cold start. I previously tried cranking to start and the starter motor ended up roasting hot, I still got a massive air lock (or series of) and probably took 2 years of the life of the high pressure fuel pump (not good when a replacement is £600+)!. In my book, if you crank it twice and it still doesn't start then something is likely to be wrong i.e. filter not sealed correctly.
  5. No worries mate, plenty of helpful people on here!
  6. Something along the lines of this: Silicon hose for 1.8 TDCI It costs a fraction of the genuine Ford part and should last forever due to being made of silicone rather than rubberised plastic which has a nasty habit of fracturing due to long term exposure to heat and/or vibration.
  7. Also, is it petrol/diesel? Engine size? Not all variants are the same.
  8. I was under the impression that the 2.0 TDCI in a MK2 Focus only came with a DPF. (I could be wrong), if so you'd need to replace like for like. Changing to an entirely different engine such as the non-DPF 1.8 TDCI would be a huge amount of work (ECU/looms/gearbox etc).
  9. I've had my 1.8 TDCI blanked for about 3 years and she's still going strong at 132K miles (Orginal clutch, DMF, fuel pump, injectors and turbo)
  10. Cheers guys
  11. I didn't think there was a DPF but I thought I might as well check with the experts to be sure!
  12. Hi all, I'm fighting a losing battle against rust with my MK2 Focus saloon and starting to consider other options as a relatively cheap replacement. I know the 2.2 TDCI in the MK3 ST is the Ford Puma unit but struggling to find out if it has a dpf? (I know they fitted a DPF when it was fitted to Jaguars after a certain build date) I've enjoyed the bulletproof reliability of my 1.8 TDCI Lynx engine with no DPF and have no desire to add to the stress in my life by waiting for a DPF to block! Could any of the regulars that have had a MK3 ST TDCI or still have once confirm if the model ever had a DPF fitted?
  13. Different engines have different exhaust systems. Petrol/Diesel? Engine size?
  14. I suspect it was this bit '(Proud to admit I'm not in any of the forces)'
  15. Mine started to run like crap. I got a lovely wooshing noise when on boost, a lot less acceleration than normal, it started to run rich and wouldn't coast at idle i.e. in 1st or 2nd the car would normally plod along at idle revs with no throttle applied. It might not be the only thing misbehaving on your car. However looking at your picture it must be a decent sized split to spray oil over the coolant reservoir and engine cover. If I was you I'd get it changed, take the car for a good thrash for 10-15 minutes i.e. 3.5K RPM on the motorway in 4th (commonly referred to on this forum as an 'Italian Tune Up') and report back how you get on.