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  1. Wasn't that for the 1.5 diesel not petrol? (i.e not an Ecoboost engine)
  2. Keep us all posted mate
  3. AND in recent years, Ford Powershift (dry) clutches have had a habit of crapping out after just a few thousand miles!
  4. Good news mate, keep us all posted.
  5. My MK2 saloon (1.8 TDCI) is still going strong 134K miles on the clock, all the expensive bits are still original. Just had wear and tear items such as a couple of coil springs, bushes, discs/pads, battery, alternator etc. It seems the MK2 can be a reliable workhorse if looked after.
  6. Good point, people often mix up the 2 as they sound similar.
  7. Unfortunately the leaky screenwasher jets is a known MK2 issue, you (or however does the work for you) needs to be really patient and careful when trying to remove the spark plugs otherwise it's a head off job
  8. The 1.8 TDCi has not EVER been fitted with a DPF by Ford regardless of the car it's in, if your garage is being serious they are genuinely trying to have your pants down mate!
  9. There are 3 plugs behind it that are very difficult to remove without snapping, also there is black automotive adhesive applied along the leading edge to try and keep the trim in place over time. Having had to replace 1 of mine due to wear and tear I'd be very impressed in one of these can be removed without breaking anything. They are cheap enough to replace, I bought a brand new genuine Ford part off ebay for not much money so you could always give it a go. Worst case is you bust one or more the clips, have to order a new one, wrap the new 1 and then fit it.
  10. Thanks all. Is it possible to adjust the 'height' of that corner using the 2 bolts on the hinge though, as it currently seems to sit below the edge of the top of the wing?
  11. Hi all, I've recently bought a 2nd Focus (1.8 petrol Zetec for the wife to pootle about in whilst I keep the diesel for commuting). Although I reckoned to have given the car a good one over I appear to have missed the fact that the bonnet in the corner near the driver doesn't sit right. It looks like it is sitting to low i.e. below the top of the front wing and it also catching on the top part of the wing and chipping the point off. I know a bonnet can be adjusted forward/back and left/right but is it possible to adjust the height of where a corner sits or is the issue like to be with the hinge itself?
  12. lol
  13. Can only speak for my MK2 saloon but I've got Brembo vented (not drilled) discs and EBC yellowstuff pads. Been fitted best part of 2 years, no issues yet and I like to 'drive' the car so all in I'd say I'd defo spend the money on them again on a future car. In part I think it depends how much you want to spend, a lot of people on here seem to speak highly of Mintex as a cost effective upgrade.
  14. Those codes definitely seem to point towards the DPF, although they don't seem very specific unfortunately.