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  1. Or hide your key away from your car, say bury it nearby but not to near .
  2. Car looks spot on to me. Surely it won't lower anymore, without hitting the wheel arches ? See what other comments you get, but for me save your money it's looks very smart as it is. 👍
  3. Yes mate. Fill to the max line when it's cold only. just make sure you have the correct grade of coolant thou for your vehicle.
  4. Make sure it's regularly serviced i.e. Air & fuel filter changed yearly, and oil & filter 6 monthly. Add a few more psi to your tyres, and don't exceed 65 on the motorway, use cruise control if you have it, 50 mph max on A roads. Drive smoothly and always look way ahead and anticipate traffic and traffic lights. Keep a good distance from the car in front so your not on & off the accelerator & brake. If you can afford to , use premium fuel Shell v power. All helps mpg and cleans your fuel system. If your journey to work is 120 mile round trip, surely a diesel may have been more cost effective !
  5. Very very nice I'm sooooo not jealous 😤 Looks great mate, has the mountune filter & pipe made any performance gains ?
  6. If you hear the fan running next time you stop , try and hear it before you turn the engine off. I know it's difficult to hear it over the engine noise, radio on etc, but you really shouldn't interrupt the regeneration once it's started. If I do hear mine and I've just reached my driveway, I always go back out and drive for another 15 minutes or until at least the fan has stopped. I do wish they could have put a dashboard light on to say it's regenerating, at least then we would know it's doing one !
  7. I would say , definitely a fuel filter change . Can make a big difference to your mpg if the fuel filter clogged. Also check tyre pressures . At least 34psi all round .
  8. 😲 Christ that's ***** awful
  9. Same with my iPhone. Never says who the text is , just unknown!
  10. My rpm increases to about 900 rpm from 700rpm . The fan is a good giveaway , but like you say can't always here it over the radio.
  11. Faster idle speed rpm, and fan will be running , stop start also won't engage whilst regenerating , some people say your instant fuel mpg will be lower. Just don't turn your engine off whilst its regenerating!
  12. May find you lost bhp not having a snorkel, it be sucking in hot air not cold !
  13. I looked at them , but luckily Aldi was selling there version for £12 think it was. Thought give it a go. Same spec as the ctek. Works a treat.
  14. ***** hell, what a state that filter is. Sorry to hear about your problems, but sounds like you know what your doing. Quite an interesting thread this, glad it's coming good. You need to show the garage what you done and show them the parts you changed and see if they reimburse you !
  15. Definitely agree, fuel filter are very prone to clogging up. Yearly change for me.