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  1. Mk3 diesel filter

    Should go well hopefully. Good luck.
  2. Mk3 diesel filter

    Ford Part no is 1780195 for filter . On eBay for £26.99 as Genuine Ford part .
  3. Mk3 diesel filter

    You don’t need to buy the one with the housing just buy the filter . It’s easy enough to change the filter but like you said a pig to get started . I went in blind and couldn’t start mine , had to get a friend mechanic who had a priming pump.
  4. Focus MK4 rear daytime running lights not on

    Day time running lights just operate the front led lights only. And your car is a Mk3.5 not a mk4, the Focus Mk4 is due out next year.
  5. in car or out

    As above, charge whilst the battery is in situ. Preferably leave overnight on charge .
  6. Titanium - St-Line

    Why didn't you buy the ST Line instead of the Titanium X , you could have specced the ST line to have similar goodies.?
  7. Door edge protectors

    I had them on my previous Focus, had quite a few issues with them snapping off, getting trapped against the passenger door. First one was covered under warranty, second time I had to pay. They are a good idea, but just be sceptical that they do snap off.
  8. Mk3 ZS - Mudflaps

    Bought these Rally Armor for my STLine from tarmacsportz.
  9. Door edge protectors

    They can't be retro- fitted after they leave the factory.
  10. Mk3 Focus ST diesel, What mods to do?!

    Definitely bluefin remap for the diesel plus K&N filter. If you buy it from Demontweeks you get the K&N free.
  11. ST-Line Mudflaps

    Thanks for your comments. Yes think they are polyurethane. And no, no modifications needed, just bolt it all together. You do need to remove the rear wheels thou for better access. Certainly helps keep the debris off the side of the car.
  12. Any easy way to know if my cars been remapped?

    Quite possibly could have been remapped! Superchips do a remap for it http://www.superchips.co.uk/search?make=9&fueltype=2&model=2&variant=1735 374 NM & 160bhp is not bad stats . Focus would be lighter too than a BMW, what size BMW was it ? Other than getting it dyno tested, you won't know.
  13. Factory Build ST Line

    Yes do like them wheels, love the colour, makes my race red look boring now.
  14. Factory Build ST Line

    Wow, it really does look exceptionally good looking. Are the alloys an upgrade ? 17 18 or 19" ? Are you a detailer or just once a week or 2 weeks wash person. You should protect the paint work now with some good wax, to seal in that colour.
  15. Factory Build ST Line

    Like the new style door edge protectors. colour looks nice, nice to see a different colour scheme. Enjoy your new motor. 👍