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  1. Quite possibly could have been remapped! Superchips do a remap for it http://www.superchips.co.uk/search?make=9&fueltype=2&model=2&variant=1735 374 NM & 160bhp is not bad stats . Focus would be lighter too than a BMW, what size BMW was it ? Other than getting it dyno tested, you won't know.
  2. Yes do like them wheels, love the colour, makes my race red look boring now.
  3. Wow, it really does look exceptionally good looking. Are the alloys an upgrade ? 17 18 or 19" ? Are you a detailer or just once a week or 2 weeks wash person. You should protect the paint work now with some good wax, to seal in that colour.
  4. Like the new style door edge protectors. colour looks nice, nice to see a different colour scheme. Enjoy your new motor. 👍
  5. Cheers bud. It's had plenty of waxes & polishes thou . Love a car looking shiny.
  6. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/2013-onwards-ford-focus-mud-flaps-blue-logo.html this is what I bought for my STLine . Easy to fit and look great .
  7. Try letting 1 of the tyres down to say 15psi and start engine and see if it alerts you, could be that 5 or 6 psi is not enough to throw a discrepancy for the monitor to alert you.
  8. Can always buy a used 66 plate STLine 2.0 tdci, same engine but de tuned to 150bhp, then superchip remap it to 214bhp & 470 NM torque. That's what I've done . They don't sell the ST Line 2.0 diesel now , probably because people were re tuning them lol
  9. No worries, keep me posted as what or when you get it done. I know the day I drove it home from Demon Tweeks after the remap, I was constantly swearing to my self -uck ing hell all the way home lol. It was night & day difference. I want to hear your experiences when you get it done.
  10. Glad you sorted it, I agree, fuel filters should be replaced every year along with oil and air filter.
  11. It's good for the cleaning properties to the fuel system. It wouldn't hurt every other tankful. I swear by the stuff, never use anything else. Gives more power and better fuel economy.
  12. Hi, yes if definitely beefs the bhp & torque up to them figures . If you look at superchips own website , which is where Demon Tweeks get the remap from http://www.superchips.co.uk/search?make=9&fueltype=2&model=2&variant=3248 clkck on the view power curve in the link , actually shows 214bhp . I took my car to Demon Tweeks for them to do the remap as I didn't trust myself, think they charged me £50 extra . My car only had 1000 miles on the clock so was a bit apprehensive to tinker myself. Not had it serviced yet, it's due in September, but I'm in two minds as to wether to take the map off or not, they gave me the hand held unit to take home thou. I think deep down I will leave it on, I did with my last focus Mk3 1.6 tdci but that was a custom map so couldn't take it off. I told the Ford garage when I took it for a service as I didn't want my ecu flashed and loose my map. They was fine with it. Dont waste any more time, get it done. It's sooo quick especially 3rd gear , 4th and it's up to treble figures very quickly.
  13. Hi, bought the same car in March this year, 2.0 diesel ST line 150bhp 2016 model. after I'd run it in to 1000 miles I took it to Demon Tweeks for a superchips remap and a free K&N filter. OMG what a difference compared to standard, it's now 210bhp & 470 NM torque. God it's quick . Very very happy with it. Car nearly on 5k miles now, no issues . http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/engine-performance-upgrades/car/ford/focus-mk3/2016/2-0tdci-150/superchips-bluefin-tuning-handset-increase-of-52-bhp-and-100-nm-ford-focus-mk3-5-2-0-tdci-150ps-euro6 Fuel economy is still good , done a tank to tank brim check after 550 miles on same tank, averaged 52 mpg calculated manually. Absolutely love my car. Get it remapped, you won't regret it.
  14. There was or is a recal for the Mk3 boot badge, I'll see if I can find it, I know we all had it changed a few years back and was discussed on a different forum. I took my Titanium in and it was changed free of charge . http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/161837-tailgate-ford-badge-removal/page-11?hl=+boot +badge looks like the scheme ended to replace the badges Jan 2016 for free. Sorry.
  15. Why not get the car remapped by a reputable tuner. Plenty about , super chips or google a local garage to where you live. They will do a live map and iron out all the flat spots, the car is actually reduced in power to make that engine work all over the world. So it's being strangled of the correct tolerances that will make it run better. It will improve your fuel mpg, improve bhp and torque. Will cost about £300 for a remap, well worth it.