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  1. Easy enough to install the boot lights they just double side tape on to The exciting light lense. Something like these make a huge difference
  2. Car looks smart , loads of tech on board. Could always upgrade your headlight bulbs , leds panels in the boot either side makes a huge difference over the stock bulbs. Remap if you want more power and better fuel economy. These engines are safe at 135 bhp - 150 bhp & 335 NM torque.
  3. Yes it's very frustrating the back end getting so dirty. I like a clean car , so end up washing it more in the winter than summer. Sometimes I think , right I'll just give the back end of the car a quick wash, but then OCD kicks in and end up cleaning the whole car lol. Neighbours must think I'm barmy. Ive got the standard mudflaps on too , but don't seem to make any difference.
  4. This is my remap from MOREBHP in Crewe Cheshire. 1.6 TDCI mk3 Had it done at 6 months old. Not had any problems what so ever, it's now remapped to 137 Bhp & 335 NM . I change the oil at 6 monthly intervals and drive carefully in it, but when needed it absolutely flies along, and still surprises me on the pulling power. As long as you don't abuse the engine it will last. I've done about 35,000 miles since it was remapped.
  5. No need to remove the battery from the car. Can charge it in situ. Negative lead from charger to battery earthing point on the car body work, positive lead to the positive side of the battery. Leave it overnight to charge or at least 12 hours to give it a good charge.
  6. Oil sump is 3.8 litres when servicing the car, if it needed 2 litres that more than half it was starved off. Hope you get it sorted.
  7. As above, need to confirm is it petrol or diesel? Don't do a 1.0 diesel , it's either a 1.6 tdci or 1.0 petrol ?
  8. What engine and spec of car do you have other than a 2012 model ? Diesel, petrol , titanium? Also approved dealer ? Is that an independent garage or a main Ford dealer ?
  9. Agree with above, steering full face lock,are really good deterants. Other than what else your doing is adequate. Also purchase GAP insurance but not from the dealer, . Just in case the theft happens, least then you will get back what you paid for it. I use directgap for my misses and my car, only about £200 for 5 years cover. Make sure you post some pics up, you know it's the law 👍
  10. Isn't the pump in the base of the washer bottle ? If so, then surely that's where it's leaking from .
  11. Fantastic looking car, so so jealous. Great pictures, could stare at them all day lol
  12. My 1.6tdci mk3 averages about 650 miles sometimes slightly more. Range is always 720 miles but as the miles clock up I end up refilling about 650 miles, but it does work out that I do actually have a gallon of fuel left in the tank prior to refilling. Which works out an average of 61 mpg over the whole tank. I do mainly A road work, 40 mile round trip to work, not very often I go on the motorway. Drive carefully and economically. Diesels are great for economy, but I do bear in mind the dpf needs a good clean now & again, so occasionally I give it a good booting in 3rd and 4th . Oil changed every 6k and full service every 12 months.
  13. Have a read of this, Auto express bulb test in November.
  14. I think the 15% discount is if you become a fully paid member of this forum .
  15. Yep, definitely 205s will be fine, the mk3.5 uses that size, and it also states in the handbook that size too.