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  1. start/stop

    It's purely down to electric use in the car, wipers, blower, headlights, heated screens. It doesn't need much of a drain to stop the stop/start working. Winter is the worst for all car batteries. Try switching most accessories off when driving if weather and conditions allow to allow the battery to recharge. Or get a smart battery charger and charge over night. Ctec 5.0 are good.
  2. My money is on the battery being flat.
  3. You sure your car doesn't have stop start ? I've got a 2012 Titanium and mine does 62 plate. Stop start doesn't always work, but you can tell if you got it by the button on the front console in front of the gear stick. Next to the front and rear window demist button.
  4. Don't agree with that post. What will go bang if you don't service it every 6000 miles ?
  5. Agree with the above posts. Great engine, much better than the 16v version. I change the oil every 6 months and oil filter, air filter and pollen filter every 12 months. Fuel filter I get the Ford garage to change when it gets its mot. U can upgrade the headlight bulbs to Philips x treme vision 130%, makes a brighter pattern much better for seeing in the dark. led panel either side in the boot in place of the normal 5w bulb, makes a huge difference. mudflaps are also worth getting but not sure they would fit on on Zetec with side skirts ! Got any pics of your new car ?
  6. I've got the Transcend dp100 . Good quality and rated the best in test with Auto Express mag.
  7. Goodyears for me too. Excellent grip in dry & wet, very quiet and improved my mpg too.
  8. Goodyear Efficent Grip Performance for me. Excellent tyre. About £50 a tyre on Amazon. But I downsized to 205/55/16. Cheaper tyre and saves on fuel being a slighter slimmer tyre than the 215 s.
  9. Yes it has made my speedo read faster , 74mph on the speedo is 70mph against a sat nav speed. Less chance of getting done for speeding then 👍 Some cars do have different sizes on the front to the rear.. But like you I wouldn't want different sizes front to rear. Cant fault the Goodyears thou.
  10. Why not change the tyre size down to 205/55/16 ? Thats what I have done on my mk3 . ,much cheaper., than 215/55/16. caused no issues with my Titanium. The new mk3.5 use 205/55/16 too. I also use Goodyear efficient grip performance, can purchase for £50 each on Amazon. No problems with handling, much better on the fuel consumption too. Great for rolling resistance.
  11. Have you tested the car battery? Is there enough volts when engine is switched off? Normally should be about 12.4 volts. When engine running, volts should be about 14.6 volts. Not sure what else it can be, or alternator not playing ball ?
  12. Very interesting read. Was surprised how much the K&N on its own made a noticeable difference. Would that K&N fit mk3 1.6 tdci? Do you think it would have similar effect ?
  13. Got exactly the same issue, so frustrating as it says ID Unknown. Mine is the iPhone 5s . Would love to know the answer myself.
  14. Yes OBD port. looks the right items on eBay, but not 100%
  15. dash cams

    I have this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transcend-DrivePro-Video-Recorder-Adhesive/dp/B00NUVDWBU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1464182150&sr=8-1&keywords=transcend+drive+pro+100 The pro 200 has been top of the auto express test for a few years now. Pro 100 is slightly cheaper than the 200, but still does the same job with out all the gymics.