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  1. Coolant use.

    As above . Only check the coolant level when the engine is cold , ie: first thing in the morning. Coolant levels do go down and up with the engine running . So check only when cold .
  2. That’s good to know for future reference. Im on the battery either needs changing or try trickle charge over night if you have a charger. If you can when driving, try to keep all the electrical accessories off so it gives the battery chance to charge up.
  3. I’ve found the stop start has no bearing on outside temp or engine temp . My stop start has always worked from day one , and every journey works faultlessly. The reason I say it has no bearing on outside temp and engine temp, is that my stop start works even at 1c and even after my car has been parked up all night and then driven literally to a roundabout 300 yds away, the stop start still works. Regarding the outside temperature sensor, I thought it was near the front radiator grill ! But I may be wrong.
  4. New Battery - improvements!

    Sounds like your new battery serving you well then. Just like a new car now .
  5. Focus ST Line X 140

    Link not working!
  6. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Enjoy. 👍
  7. Focus ST Line X 140

    You have to log in now. Just enter Email & create a password. No hassle then you can view everything on Etis
  8. Focus ST Line X 140

    Put your reg in or your vin no into Etis , it should say on the build as to what spare wheel it will come with. https://www.etis.ford.com/
  9. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Upgraded myself form F5 to F6 . A new road near my work still isn’t on the new map thou.
  10. How Many of You?

    Total moorons . They do say supermarket car parks are the worst place to park.
  11. How Many of You?

    Totally agree with iantt, you will always get some numpty mainly I find young women & old people that don’t care about their car that will not give a damm about your car. Literally this week parked in a shopping car park that had about 9 shops including Aldi so quite a decent size car park. I parked away from the shops as far as I could, but the car park was quite full. Space next to me was empty but it was a small space so I was confident no one would park next to me ! I was gone 5 minutes if that, returned to my car and blow me some scruffy old Peugeot had reversed into the space and was inches from my car but parallel with it. There wasn’t enough space to even walk between the cars let alone open my damm car door . Fearing the worst that it had been scrapped down the whole length I looked the best I could but couldn’t see any damage. There certainly wouldn’t have been any passengers in the Peugeot as the cars were to close to open their door. Eventually after waiting about 5 minuets for them to return, I went through my passenger side door let handbrake & out of gear and had to push my car out of its parking spot , its sooo damm heavy . Sooo ***** annoying. Next day my chest was killing me, pulled some muscles straining myself whilst pushing it. So answer to your question, yes it may get damaged, scratched and door dinged. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, other people are selfish, jealous, ignorant & totally incompetent in parking their cars !
  12. Active City Stop

    Mine activates when I pull up to my garage door, it seems to think I’m not going to stop in time ! Brakes work well lol
  13. 2017 Focus St Line

    I’ve got the flat bottom steering wheel on my car, and it’s a STLine with cruise control. Thought all the STlines came with the flat bottom?
  14. Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Oh that’s a shame, thought with having the ST line badge they would support the higher performance engines.
  15. Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Are they doing away with the manual then ?