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  1. Same with my iPhone. Never says who the text is , just unknown!
  2. My rpm increases to about 900 rpm from 700rpm . The fan is a good giveaway , but like you say can't always here it over the radio.
  3. Faster idle speed rpm, and fan will be running , stop start also won't engage whilst regenerating , some people say your instant fuel mpg will be lower. Just don't turn your engine off whilst its regenerating!
  4. May find you lost bhp not having a snorkel, it be sucking in hot air not cold !
  5. I looked at them , but luckily Aldi was selling there version for £12 think it was. Thought give it a go. Same spec as the ctek. Works a treat.
  6. ***** hell, what a state that filter is. Sorry to hear about your problems, but sounds like you know what your doing. Quite an interesting thread this, glad it's coming good. You need to show the garage what you done and show them the parts you changed and see if they reimburse you !
  7. Definitely agree, fuel filter are very prone to clogging up. Yearly change for me.
  8. Your profile says 2016 car !! I would say these cars are prone to getting the fuel filter blocked, Ford only change them every 3 years, but I personally would get it changed every year. When was the fuel filter changed?
  9. If it's a fault with the car then yes it's covered under the 3 year warranty.
  10. It's not your clutch slipping is it , hence high rpm and no momentum? How many miles the car done ?
  11. Nice looking car bud, love the colour and wheels. What made you choose a MG .? whats the stats for it ? Mpg , 0-60 etc ? Bhp
  12. Audi A3 2.0 diesel !
  13. Easy enough to install the boot lights they just double side tape on to The exciting light lense. Something like these make a huge difference http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/White-Car-Interior-Light-Panel-48-SMD-LED-T10-BA9S-Dome-Festoon-Bulb-Adapter-12V-/161133047931?hash=item258447307b:g:~YoAAOxy86RSZjOz
  14. Car looks smart , loads of tech on board. Could always upgrade your headlight bulbs , leds panels in the boot either side makes a huge difference over the stock bulbs. Remap if you want more power and better fuel economy. These engines are safe at 135 bhp - 150 bhp & 335 NM torque.
  15. Yes it's very frustrating the back end getting so dirty. I like a clean car , so end up washing it more in the winter than summer. Sometimes I think , right I'll just give the back end of the car a quick wash, but then OCD kicks in and end up cleaning the whole car lol. Neighbours must think I'm barmy. Ive got the standard mudflaps on too , but don't seem to make any difference.