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  1. Will A 2012 Fiesta Still Be A Mk7?

    That's brill thank you!! X
  2. Hiya Im still quite new on here! I should be getting my car around the 1st of March 2012. Ive been waiting ages for the car and wanted to get some mats for it. Will a 2012 reg still be a MK7 does anyone know? I dont want to end up buying the wrong mats many thanks Helen x
  3. Can You Help Me Decide?

    forgot to say 5 door x
  4. Can You Help Me Decide?

    Thanks everyone Right ive ordered it! Econetic 1.6 Zetec in Hot Magenta with privacy windows - cant wait til it arrives!! xx :D
  5. Can You Help Me Decide?

    Thanks everyone. Id heard that it was the Econetic 1.6tdci was a bit slow due to it being more 'green' and there isnt an option to get a normal 1.6tdci. The Econetic is more expensive so i was torn between the 'normal' 1.4tdci or the econetic 1.6tdci. Any ideas? I think you are right that i should go test drive but at the moment its just getting down to a dealer. Does anyone have an Econetic 1.6tdci Zetec that could give me their opinion ta Helen x
  6. Can You Help Me Decide?

    Hello everyone This is my first post so please be gentle! Im not very technical I am able to get a car through the NHS car lease scheme and have chosen to get a Fiesta. My problems is which one? Obv money does come in to it but to be honest its a £10 a month difference between the top and bottom choices. I know thats not a lot but it is when im on a budget. Ive just got rid of a Grand Scenic so you can imagine how much of a difference this will be for me! I have a few questions if anyone can help. 1) I think i will more than likely be ordering the Econetic 1.6 Either Zetec or Titanium. Is the Econetic slow? Im not likely to be tearing down the motorway but i do want to be able to overtake easily. My only experience of a small sized car is my hubbys Polo which is only 1 litre and basically has no power! 2) I like the 3 dr much more but i have 2 children aged 4&5 so i know deep down i should get a 5dr. Is anyone else in this situation with small children and a 3dr new fiesta? 3) Can anyone advise how a 1.4tdci compares over a 1.6 econetic? In relation to power and realistic fuel consumption? Sorry to waffle Helen x
  7. Hello - Newbie!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and although i have been viewing the boards for a while im still a bit nervous! I have previously owned a Ford Puma and a Focus but am getting a Fiesta. My problem is deciding which one! This is where i hope you will all step in... ill post in one of the other forums my problems