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  1. she needs new glow plugs thats all get the top make ok thay can be gits to put in so id get a garage to do it as thay do snap in the head some times or if u wont to do them run it till she gets hot thay come out ok B)
  2. ps did u change the fan swich on the rad as the fan mite not be kikking in maybe y shes getting hot ? or the fan swich maybe on the head get a bit of wire and poke it in the swich just to see if the fan cuts in hope this helps ;)
  3. mmmm sounds like u need to bleed the rad as ther is air in the rad run the car with the rad cap of and check to see if ther is a tap on the rad releas the tap off to get rid of the air that maybe trap in the head and rad u will see in the bottle wher u fill the car up with water should flow round nice if not you have a jamed thermastat sorry cant spell lol hope this help let hope you havent do the head gasket or crack head ? make shore u have hot air coming out of ur blowers in side the car mate k. dazza <_<
  4. From the album Untitled Album

    is very clean car and drives nice
  5. From the album Untitled Album

  6. hi all new here just got my ford feista f reg very clean car 40.000 miles from new 1 keeper tax mot for 1 year £500 i think that woz cheap car got it off ebay lol

    1. Ka Power

      Ka Power

      Thats very cheap to say how clean it is, are you intresteed in selling it? :)