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  1. How To Fit A Inlet Hose

    Yeah I've got a diesel. So will this not fit a t all Thacks x
  2. How To Fit A Inlet Hose

    Apart from looking better does it do anything else . I am going to fit a k&n panel filter as well
  3. How To Fit A Inlet Hose

    Thanks phil . I'll give it a go on the weekend Paul
  4. How To Fit A Inlet Hose

    Hi I have just bought this and was wondering how to fit it and would it fit on a 09 zetec s 16 diesel turbo
  5. Pollen Filter

  6. Pollen Filter

    Does anyone know were I can buy a pollen filter for a 09 fiesta zetec 16 diesel . I rang fords and the want £20 Thanks
  7. Da Polisher

    Cheers graham
  8. Upper Front Grill

    Does anyone know how to take the upper drill off a mk7 fiesta
  9. Da Polisher

    Will do graham thanks
  10. Da Polisher

    Thanks graham for the reply . I think I ll order the smartwax . What pad is used for what and were do you buy them from ??
  11. Da Polisher

    Hi I am new in to detailing and I am going to buy a da polisher and found this . Is this the smartwax the same as kestrel da polisher
  12. Footwell Lights

    Marcr1 there is nothing there I have bought the bulb holders and bulbs off ebay . I just need to wire them up ?????
  13. Footwell Lights

    No I have bought the bulb holders . And want to install them
  14. Footwell Lights

    Hi Were do you wire your footwell lights to
  15. Engine Noise

    It sounds like it is coming from under the engine / front drivers wheel . I went to fords and they said it was just tyre noise put it only started about a week ago