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  1. hi does any one else find a noisy vibration when they reach 1800 revs under load such as going up hill or accelerating. after 1850 revs it goes no matter how steep the hill. it sounds like its comming from the front near side. ive been under the car and cant see any obvious sighns such as loose exhaust or heat sink. any light shed would be appreciated. mondeo 2000 tdci 53 plate
  2. hi new here great usefull place to find out things and help others!!!

  3. hi i get water over my seats when i open the boot of my mondeo afret its been raining. Also the rear washer pipe is under the roof lining above the rear seats mine used to leak its an easy fix just a phillips screw driver needed and a flat ended to pop open the fasteners to get at the pipe. try the out side first by popping off the washer jet and see if it is still connected..