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  1. Very nice mate!! So wish I had been in a mood to wait when I went to get my fester. But I'm impatient lol ended up with the s1600 mainly due to the leather seats and they had 1 in stock lol. Hope your enjoying her
  2. I don't know about the fiesta but my Audi and vauxhall diesels the light only cam on in the really cold days in winter. If your cars still starting ok I wouldn't think you have much to worry about
  3. Just back from ford in Perth. My car is 13month old fiesta with the standard stereo (silver). My phone is a iPhone4 on os5. Was getting all the same probs as detailed in this thred. I got the update done on my stereo for FREE no probs or quibbles they got the car at 8am had it back by 930am. It now works perfectly also displays the track name and has shuffle repeat info short cuts. As said before don't be fobbed off there is a update available it won't make matters worse and it shouldn't take longer than a hour Hope this helps some one
  4. I'm quite impressed with my S1600 getting 47mpg!! tho it's not normally that good 37.4 the norm but the last week iv left my lead foot at home lol
  5. 1. Gazjs - Kirkcaldy (Fife) 2. Dave2912 - Rosyth (Fife) 3. Zippy - Livingston (West Lothian) 4. artscot79-cowdenbeath-(fife) 5. McBean09 - Inverness 6. Bashful - Edinburgh 7. fiesta _zetec-x - Hamilton (Lanarkshire) 8. Danzzza - Berwick upon tweed (Like ON the border) (Technically on english side of border, scottish postcode though :S) 9.C-Max Boy1983 - Edinburgh 10. Iael18 - Balloch (west Dunbartonshire) 11. davedon067 - Dundee (Tayside) 12. DutchasFRP - South Ayrshire 13. DAS - Thurso 14. fords r us - falkirk 15. Raizak - North Ayrshire 16. John21 - ABERDEEN!!! 17. RichardICE - Inverness 18. UK345- Glasgow 19. Nicola88- Aberdeen 20. Ben - Prestwick (South Ayrshire) 21. michael25 - Rutherglen (Lanarkshire) 22. CharlieFarlie - Charlie...( Burntisland Fife.) 23. bruce540150 - brookfield 24. silver53 - paisley 25. Twisted - Livingston (west Lothian) 26. Sapprs - Livingston (west lothian 27. Derek (dw1921) Livingston (west lothian) 28. Jackie - Aberdeen 30. Motocrossmad- bishopton (glasgow, Sat and sunday) Edinburgh (Mon to Friday) 31. D4nz0 (danny)- East Ayrshire 32. arbgarry - South Ayrshire 33. barry2535 (barry) - stoneyburn (west lothian) 34. Andy_1984 - Glasgow 35. Mark-kilsyth(Lanarkshire) 36. Andy B- East Kilbride (Lanarkshire) 37. Cameron1980 Aberdeenshire 38. Jme (jamie) Perth
  6. Hi everyone. I just bought my first ever ford! Went for the fiesta S1600 in performance blue. Iv had it 2 weeks and love it. What a fun comfy wee car.