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  1. Hi.

  2. Hi

    great model of escort :)
  3. they should definately show the tax and profits etc...
  4. Mpg Differences Between 1.6 Tdci Models

    A friend of mine has a 1.4 diesel fiesta, he averages about 65mpg in the city
  5. New Zetec S Tdci

    is that remaps the figures??
  6. 99' Focus Rear Disc Brakes

    Adjusted the brakes manually after youve removed the calipers?
  7. Fiesta Alloys

    if theyre same fitment then yeah
  8. Fiesta Vs Focus?

    fiesta zetec s diesel remapped :)
  9. Interior Styling / Footwell Lights

    Your lucky, I had to install my socket myself :(
  10. Dashboard

    My windscreen rattles in my 99 focus but I think thats just due to coilovers for 6 months lol
  11. Will My Tyres Pass ?

    I doubt they will wear over the legal limit in 500 miles...
  12. Tyre Dressing

    I quite like the AG but then again, I've never used megs...
  13. Removing Autoglym Srp From Plastics

    It's not going to cause damage is it?
  14. Removing Autoglym Srp From Plastics

    Is olive oil a serious suggestion cause I've got a small bit on my door handles...